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"SHILLONG" scarf made from the finest hand-embroidered pashmina cashmere - purely handmade

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Yaser Shaw only uses cashmere wool from local goats. These goats live at an altitude of 4000m above sea level and are given a thick undercoat in winter to protect them from the icy temperatures.
During the spring moulting season, this is then combed out and the finest and longest fibers are spun by hand. The combing alone can take up to 6 hours and is only carried out by experienced professionals under constant supervision in order to protect the animals.

Pilling is almost impossible due to the nature and length of the naturally grown hair. The dyes are alsohe dyes are also obtained naturally and the cashmere thread is dyed by hand in an elaborate process.

In keeping with historical tradition, the fabric is woven on wooden hand looms and embroidered by hand. In the Indian tradition, women are responsible for weaving and men's hands embroider these wonderful works of art. It takes up to 9 months from combing out the cashmere wool to the finished scarf, depending on the size. After completion, the craftsmen embroider their initials at the end of the scarf and this entire process makes each scarf a luxurious one-off.

Only available from a few retailers worldwide and now also from us - we are delighted!


  • Model: SHILLONG
  • Material: 100% cashmere - original pashmina
  • Color: light grey, greige - multicolor
  • Embroidery pattern in pure silk
  • Hand signed - Artisan Initials
  • Size: approx. 100cm x 200cm
  • Yaser Shaw case made from natural cotton

Handwoven and hand embroidered - from India with Proud!

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