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O'Mast - a film about the Neapolitan master tailors

July 17 2017

ATTENTION: absolute film masterpiece! O'Mast is now available via online stream: a film about the Neapolitan master tailors.

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MJ’s Sale Picks

July 07 2017

The sartorial variety of my curated stock melts away in the summer sun! Discover my hand-picked classics  for a timeless wardrobe - now during the Summer Sale!

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A visit at Cesare Attolini & Orazio Luciano

May 19 2017

From Napoli with Love! As you may have noticed over our social media channels, we were traveling this week to the wonderful Naples. The destinations of the trip were the world famous manufactorys of Cesare Attolini and Orazio Luciano. Both sartorial houses are a synonym for Neapolitan tailoring tradition, which places the highest demands on quality and craftsmanship! The suits of...

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Edward Green - Behind The Brand

May 05 2017

Future needs origin! Discover shoes made of the finest leathers of the world by Edward Green. Since 1890 handmade in Northampton, England!

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Aspesi - Behind The Brand

May 03 2017

Discover Italian Nonchalance in Sportswear! Reduced to the essential ASPESI stands for minimalist elegance as the epitome of Italian charm!

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Borriello Napoli - Behind The Brand

April 23 2017

Discover the handmade shirts by Borriello Napoli! With an attractive price / performance ratio the perfect entry into the sartorial world of shirts!

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The double-breasted suit

April 02 2017

Gentleman: A double-breasted please! Historically speaking, the double-breasted suit is considered a replacement for the three-piece men's suit. Because of the double buttons and the elegantly rising lapel, the double-breasted suit unites a three-piece suit in a two-piece clothing item. Thus, the double-breasted suit is an elegant and, in most cases, a body flattering alternative to the widespread single-breasted. As a "suit...

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Cesare Attolini @Michaeljondral

March 23 2017

Trunkshow of sartorial Perfection!Friday and Saturday, March 24th and 25th, 2017 Anyone looking for a sartorial product from another planet does not need to search any longer: The tailors of Cesare Attolini create masterpieces of Neapolitan tailoring using exclusive fabrics, your personal sizes and an eye for proportions. 100% Handmade in Italy! How does this look in detail? Take a look at the...

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Trunkshow Flashback with Saint Crispin's & Finamore

March 20 2017

As you have certainly noticed, Phillip Car of Saint Crispin's has also honored us this weekend to the annual Trunkshow.There was quite a lot of shop talk, new shoe ideas, lots of laughs and, of course, custom-made shoes as well!

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Finamore x Saint Crispin’s @Michael Jondral

March 16 2017

Trunkshow, the First! On this weekend, on March 17th and 18th, we will start the annual Trunkshow Season.Not only Philipp Car from Saint Crispin's will be in the house, but also Andrea Finamore!

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New Season: Smart Casual trifft auf die sartoriale Welt!

March 10 2017

Bekannte Gesichter & New Brands   Vere calor redit ossibus! Mit diesen lateinischen Worten des römischen Dichters Vergil - die soviel bedeuten wie: „Im Frühling kehrt die Wärme in die Knochen zurück!“ - möchten wir mit Ihnen gemeinsam die neue Frühling / Sommer Saison einläuten!  Vorbei sind die Tage des festlichen Abendmahls, des kalten Wetters sowie der kurzen Tage und...

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Orazio Luciano - Behind the Brand

January 23 2017

Orazio Luciano - Behind The Brand. Take a look behind the philosophy & silhouette of the most modern interpretation of Neapolitan tailoring!

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MJ's Style Icon Cary Grant

November 14 2016

Cary Grant - The Personification of the Ultimate Gentleman. Who was this man?What characterized his style? Why did we remember him like no other? Read for yourself!

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Fedeli - Luxurious Knitwear Made in Italy!

October 31 2016

True to the motto "Tradition must be a springboard, but not a sofa“, the Italian knitwear manufacturer Fedeli convinces by its love for elegance and quality. 

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Orazio Luciano x Drake’s x Fox Brother’s @Michael Jondral

October 20 2016

On Friday and Saturday, 21st and 22nd October, We welcome our friends Orazio Luciano, Drake's & Fox Brothers! During the annual Trunkshow, let yourself be advised personally by the master tailors of Orazio Luciano.

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Customers Trip to Napoli with MJ

October 02 2016

See Naples and die? „Vedi Napoli e poi muori.“ - Italian idiom! What could be better than to spend a week at the foot of the Vesuvius in magical Naples? > Read more

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The Perfect Neapolitan Suit

September 22 2016

The Best Tailors in the World After the trunk show is before the trunk show! Not only Gianluca Migliarotti knows the best tailors at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, which he immortalized in his documentary "O'Mast". Nowadays, the job of a true tailor becomes generally very rare, but they can also still be found occasionally in the far north of...

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Cesare Attolini Trunkshow

September 14 2016

Sartorial Perfection! Friday and Saturday, 16. and 17. September 2016. Out of high-quality rolls of cloth, their personal accuracy and a razor-sharp cut, Cesare Attolini's tailors create true masterpieces of traditional, Neapolitan tailoring.

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Steve McQueen x McGeorge of Scotland

September 02 2016

The King Of Cool is alive! How often do you get the opportunity to revive movie history through a piece of garment - at least at the same level as driving a freshly restored BMW 507, just like Elvis did on a ride through Montecarlo? We think it's too rare!

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The right shoe care methods for every gentleman

July 29 2016

Nowadays, a gentleman has several utensils available, which may well be regarded as modern knights' armors.These undoubtedly include the custom-made sartorial suit, as well as the right pair of welted shoes – for example by Bontoni, Saint Crispin's or Carmina. That is why today's post is all about footwear.

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Michael Jondral's Gazzettino Metamorphosis

July 29 2016

Freely cited by Cary Grant, it is important to know where you come from to know where you are going. That is how Michael Jondral's traditional Gazzettino finds his metamorphosis in form of a modern blogs with direct shop connection.

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