Orazio Luciano

Orazio Luciano

Orazio Luciano la Vera Sartoria Napoletana

Extremely soft and lightweight - these are two characteristics that describe a sports jacket or suit from the manufactor by Orazio Luciano in a very good manner.The Sartoria is directly known for a modern Neapolitan interpretation of jackets, suits and coats. It is not for nothing that the tailoring style of the manufactory is worldwide famous. 

The manufactory Orazio Luciano la vera sartoria napoletana is a family-run business on the outskirts of Naples. The founder  Orazio Luciano formerly was the first cutter for Kiton and with the launch of its own tailoring quickly developed a very authentic product which is entirely handcrafted. Of course in the tradition of the Neapolitan tailoring - only with a modern twist!  

The Orazio Luciano Suit & Fit

Coats, suits and sport jackets provide a great fit and silhouette, which generate a lot of fun in everyday life - whether with a formal suit with small shoulder pads or completely unlined sports jackets for casual occasions with an unique Spalla Camicia. Always a pleasure to the wearer. 

The fit and silhouette of the Orazio Luciano suit, coat or jacket has a modern tendency and fits likes a glove. It is more flamboyant than its competitors.

The " tailoring style" of the house can be seen on the soft shoulder, on the predominantly 3 roll 2 jackets and of course with the "Key Button Hole" on every lapel. The button hole is different from manufacturers such as Kiton, Brioni or Tom Ford and available in a smaller version and reminds of a horizontal keyhole. Of course, this button hole is sewn entirely by hand.  

Fans of the brand like to compare the Orazio Luciano style with cars: In this metaphor the Orazio Luciano suit or sportsjacket is compared to a Ferrari or a Maserati, whereas Cesare Attolini is compared to a Maybach. 

The suits, sport jackets and coats can be combined in many ways and lift each outfit to the next level. We recommend fitting shoes by Saint Crispin's or Carmina Shoemaker.

Neapolitan Tailoring

Whether it is a business suit in blue made of wool or a safari sports jacket in brown and made of linen - at Orazio Luciano you will find everything your sartorial and stylish heart desires. If brands like Kiton, Brioni or Tom Ford are known to you, you will learn to love Orazio Luciano. 

"When Pino Luciano visited me unannounced in my shop in Hannover in April 2013, we immediately felt a certain kind of sympathy. At our next meeting, at the Pitti Uomo in Florence, we arranged our first joint Trunk Show for October 2013.

 "Since that day, the fanbase of Orazio Luciano increased steadily in our small town," says Michael Jondral about the classic tailoring manufactory from Naples.

Orazio Luciano Su Misura 

The master tailors at Orazio Luciano need around 20 hours to finish a single jacket. No compromises are made - every single part is produced exclusively by hand. This is also one of the reasons for the unmatched fit of the items and the main reason why no other manufacturer comes closer to Bespoke. 

In this procedure, coats, sport coats, suits & Safari jackets are manufactured in Naples. Each of these items allow you to incorporate your own ideas and wishes. Simply contact Michael Jondral, he will advise you.

Another reason, which cannot be denied and which is certainly responsible for their general popularity, is the balancing act between the  high quality and the price of each jacket, suit, coat & co. For the price level at Orazio Luciano, you will get an incomparable piece of garment, which excels in every detail. It provides a solid foundation for the sophisticated man's wardrobe and is an indispensable part of it.  

Dive in the world of " Neapolitan tailoring" and let yourself get enchanted by the soft & flowing silhouettes and shapes. The only problem you will have, is the fact that you will never want another sports jacket or suit again. Quality always wins - as already Guccio Gucci knew in 1921.