Edward Green

Edward Green

Edward Green Shoes 

Anyone who has dealt with exclusive frame-stitched men's shoes will not have passed the name Edward Green.
Each pair of Edward Green shoes is made exclusively by hand in Northampton, UK. This is a process that has largely remained unchanged since the company was founded in 1890.
In the production process, only the finest materials are used, which are purchased from renowned suppliers without any compromises.
The high level of craftsmanship not only ensures a luxurious feeling, but also guarantees the highest wearing comfort, which can hardly be achieved by a different shoe bought off the rack. One of the reasons for this can mainly be found in the soles, which are made of oak bark, which has been "burned" for nine months and because of its nature imparts an incomparable comfort and durability!
Edward Green rigorously follows the credo that the quality of a shoe begins with the quality of its components. Only the finest French and Italian calf are used, which is subsequently subjected to a handcrafted finish; always depending on the leather types. The handcrafted finish gives each shoe its individual touch.
For over 120 years, a pair of frame-stitched shoes by Edward Green symbolizes British understatement and perfect craftsmanship - whether it's the classic Derby or Oxford, or a Penny Loafer, a Chelsea boat or a pair of boots!
Michael Jondral's comment on Edward Green: "With the tradition in its background, an Edward Green shoe is the best combination of tradition, workmanship, quality and value. An investment in shoes that will make you happy for years to come! "
Discover the traditional craftsmanship that is at the top of the world. With these shoes, tradition and modernity are combined in a hand-crafted, frame-stitched shoe.

Historical Insights of Edward Green

Nowadays, if you look at the handmade and unique Goodyear shoe, it will not be surprising that Edward Green was a man with a unique passion for shoes.

With an ambition to produce the best shoes in the world, Mr. Edward Green founded his own manufactory in Northampton in 1890. From the beginning on, he dealt with the most famous and best craftsmen in the city. Everyone was an expert in its own field and so the story took its course.
Edward Green's main promise was "Excellence without compromise". And Edward Green soon realized that his name was associated with the highest quality of English Goodyear shoes.
Famous personalities like Ernest Hemingway or the Duke of Windsor belonged to his most loyal customers!
Despite some change of ownership, the company is still based in Northampton and employs over sixty experienced craftsmen who only make up to 350 pairs of shoes per week.
Most frame-stitched shoes are designed for export and "travel" to the world's leading boutiques and department stores as well as to us, in Hanover's Theaterstraße 13!

Edward Green Loafers

Naturally, the traditional shoes, such as a plain Derby or an Oxford, are the basis of a solid men's wardrobe. Whether you're looking for an "Antique" or "Vintage" finish, or simply a classic hand-dyed version - with a Derby, Chelsea or Oxford, you're always well placed.

Nevertheless and even though it has a slight Neapolitan touch, Michael Jondral's key piece, the "Portland" Loafer, belongs to his absolute favorite summer shoe!
It combines Italian lightness with a tender goat leather. As a luxurious slipper it is recommended for the whole year!
Combined with a pair of cotton trousers by Orazio Luciano and a linen shirt by Finamore, you are always on the safe sartorial side of the wardrobe. Especially for the warmer days in the summer an absolutely recommendable product which you will love!
Despite the excellent quality, the diligent shoe masters refine and improve small details of the shoes every now and then. Time is always taken to ensure that every pair of Loafers, Derbys, Boots and Oxfords is legitimated to proudly bear the name of the founder.
This ensures that even the next generation of gentlemen will wear the wonderful shoes of Edward Green. Men who appreciate the difference!
We hope you enjoy your Derbys, Loafers, Monkstraps & Oxfords!