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E. Marinella

E. Marinella

The tie king of Naples. in 1914, Eugenio Marinella founded his shop in Naples, which stands for the uniqueness of the Italian tie. English silk fabrics are made entirely by hand, the same way it was done in 1914. That is the key to success, the Neapolitan creation in combination with the English silk and its colorful prints. 

Already early in the morning, ties are being sold to locals as well as tourists in the Neapolitan shop. It's fun to see how many people are interested in these high-quality pieces. Michael Jondrals personal credo: "The shirt without a tie is like the sky without stars!"

Because of his friendship with Giuseppe Attolini, it was possible for Michael Jondral to become a dealer for Marinella ties in 2007. Today we are the only point of sales in German-speaking Europe, and we are grateful to Marinella for this cooperation.

Besides the core business of ties, a collection of very special jeans is currently developed with an inner lining by Marinella tie silks and accessories like spectacle cases and typical Neapolitan keychains.