Finamore 1925

Finamore 1925


The Finamore brand was founded in 1925 and now in its fourth generation. It is the second oldest shirt manufactory in Naples. Finamores shirts offer an overwhelming selection of exclusive materials in the most valuable craftsmanship and a unique fit.

"There is hardly anything better and the section of the shoulder is unique," says Michael Jondral about the traditional manufactory. Andrea and Simone Finamore have become personal friends and regular guests in Hannover to take measures personally and to advice the customers regarding the perfect fit.

As an online-buying customer you do not need to relinquish this consultancy service when buying with the haberdasher Michael Jondral. If you have questions or need information about material selection or available sizes, please contact us - Mr. Jondral will help with words and deeds!

Italian Mens Shirts

The shirt by Finamore is not only completely sewn by hand, but of course traditionally processed with the finest yarn. So not only the buttonholes are hand sewn, but even the collar and the shoulder with cross-stitching are inserted by hand. This leads to an unattainable and comfortable fit which you feel on your own body throughout the day.

Another highlight is the unlined and naturally stitched Finamore collar, and the beautiful stitching on the shoulders, which experiences its coronation with a Spalla Camicia. These processing techniques on men's shirt should be regarded not only as a masterpiece, but belong to the oldest Neapolitan traditional manufactories. For lovers of a good "standing" collar, there is no alternative to the model "Sergio". This collar is particularly suitable for the use without a tie, because it is not only a unique "curve", but is characterized by a tireless "staying power" of. 

Finamore Napoli Shirts

The completely hand-sewn and crafted shirts are synonymous to sartorial crafts and sartorial details alike. Hardly any other manufacturer is able to hold a candle to a Finamore Napoli shirt. Solely shirts by Kiton, Cesare Attolini  or Luigi Borrelli or Truzzi should be mentioned for the sake of completeness.

Meanwhile the sartorial shirt by the Neapolitan traditional manufacturer has become a worldwide secret among true connoisseurs and is undoubtedly a must-have in a well-equipped man's wardrobe. The only problem you will have with this shirt, is the fact that you will never want possess any other shirt.