Suit & Jacket

Suit & Jacket

Suits for Men

What is it that belongs to the basic equipment of every gentleman? The fastest and most easiest answer might be: a suit and a jacket. Not only in the sartorial world of a modern gentleman, a well-cut and technically immaculate suit is a must-have. Of course, the matching shirt and high quality crafted shoes should not be missed.

With this background, the haberdasher Michael Jondral exercises great care in selecting the perhaps most important garment for men. After all, suits and jackets are one of the most important pieces of the gentlemen's outfitters.

The collections are personally designed and developed with the deliverers. Michael Jondral carries only exclusive and premium suits by international luxury manufacturers who particularly distinguish themselves by sartoriale traditions. Details, fabrics and tailoring play an essential role to ensure a flattering fit which emphasizes the male silhouette perfectly. For each type of man there is the right suit, so an individual consultation, offline and in  the online store, play a large and vital role.

The spectrum ranges from slim fit suits to classical cut Neapolitan suits with a Spalla Camica, a wide lapel, and hand-sewn buttonholes. Let yourself be inspired by the details and dive into a world of traditional tailoring, far away from mass-produced goods by popular outfitters. We guarantee you, once you stepped foot on this track, you will come back as a changed man, possibly in a dark blue suit.

Jackets & Suits

The Neapolitan sartorial suits include high armholes, partly lined partly unlined shoulders. Of course, no compromises are made on quality or fit. Thus all parts of the suits by manufacturers such as Cesare Attolini and Orazio Luciano are executed purely handmade and completely without mechanical intervention.

So the clothes are not only carefully manufactured, the handmade suits get a soul on their way. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that provides suits with a truly sophisticated radiance for men.

The jacket is not only designed to sit smoothly the body, but also to ensure a comfortable fit. The freedom of movement with Neapolitan suits is one of the worlds best and you will quickly realize that there quite simply is no substitute for this. Tags such as "nuchal fold" belong to the past with a perfectly fitting Cesare Attolini or Orazio Luciano suit. If you like you can practically sleep in your suit and would hardly notice! Try it out.

3 roll 2 Jacket

Of course, the two-piece suit is a classic of the male wardrobe and should not be missed. But even classics, such as the in Napoli popular 3 roll 2 jacket are waiting to conquer the world together with its owner. This is basically a 3 button jacket, in which by consuming manual work, the lapel is rolled to the effect that these "rolls" are similar to the ones in a 2 button jacket. Incidentally, in the right body shape, a tip for a very masculine silhouette - it reminds you of James Bond in Casino Royale, who wore his pieces by Brioni.

If that does not radiate enough power and masculinity for you, you could look for a pointed lapel suit or sports coat. It is not for nothing that our favorite billionaire Bruce Wayne only wears pointed lapels. Best combined as a three-piece suit.

What has worked for Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, remains in vogue today. Hardly any other suit combination lets you look so good and respectable like a three-piece suit with a matching fit.
Michael Jondral as a haberdasher holds suits and jackets particularly dear. To ensure an excellent fit, we will also be available for any help or advice via our only online help service. Please feel free to contact us!