Polo shirts long sleeve

Polo shirts long sleeve

Designer Polo Shirts

Each well-appointed man's wardrobe has them: Polo Shirts "Made in Italy", which provide all men & gentlemen with a sporty elegant look. There is hardly any alternative when it comes to an elegant and equally casual outfit.

With a well-fitting polo shirt, you show style and sophistication in all situations. Whether to a pair of denim luxury jeans by Finamore or paired with a pair of chino by Rota and a cotton jacket by Orazio Luciano - with haberdasher Michael Jondral you will find the right polo shirt for every taste. 

As the name reveals, the polo shirt comes from the actual Polo game. Early 20th century, where the game of polo was played in the very warm subtropical climate of India, the need for a lighter shirt replacement arose.

Without further ado, the polo shirt made of light cotton piqué was born. It was perfect for the tropical heat waves.

To this day, the luxury polo shirt has not changed its original design. That is why a polo shirt is created with a ribbed collar and is made of comfortable soft cotton pique fabrics.
If that should be too boring, you can enjoy the rich variety of knit polos from materials such as silk or linen. 

Long-sleeved Polo

Whether you opt for a long-sleeved or short-sleeved version of the polo shirt - the Luxury Polo by Michael Jondral can be combined perfectly with different clothes. Due to this true allrounder, you receive many different possibilities of combination.

Especially the long-sleeved polos by Fedeli enjoy an ever-increasing popularity and are perfect for the cooler season. So you do not have to give up on a sporty casual outfit during the cold autumn days. The polo shirt or the knitted shirt is a perfect companion in combination with a tweed or wool jacket.

Polo Shirt for Men

The luxury polo shirt is a true allrounder and can be beautifully combined with a casual wardrobe mainly in your leisure time. Due to the breathable fabric, the polo shirts are a perfect companion for sporty activities on warmer days.

Combine them to jeans, chinos and swimwear to keep a proper and casual style. The possible combinations are endless. Discover modern models in bright colors such as red, blue, yellow or classic models in white or eggshell.

Whether you stroll on the beach promenade in Espadrilles or want to down-dress your Cesare Attolini jacket on a casual Friday - with a designer polo shirt, you are always on the safe side.
Discover the different knitted polo shirts in different materials with fractions of silk and linen for the particularly warm summer days.
If you have any further questions, Mr. Jondral will advise you personally on the phone. Please contact us - we look forward to your call.