Times of Upheaval...

...are you prepared to break the rules?

Architects of change or echoes of the past: the choice is ours...

In an era characterized by the relentless pulse of change, the words of Bob Dylan - "The times they are a-changin'" - remind us that we are always at a crossroads in history.

And so these words echo not only through the corridors of the zeitgeist, but also through the halls of our new venture, Michael Jondral - The Showroom.

They serve as the North Star for the Spring / Summer 2024 season, which is themed "Times of Change".

Here, at the forefront of change, we recognize an inescapable truth: we (and you) are either the architects of change or become its echo.

"Times of change" is more than just a motto; it's a manifesto that sees us on the cusp of a new era. This season is not just a change of collections - it is the reinvention of what it means to be a menswear designer.

With the launch of Michael Jondral - The Showroom, we enter a space rich in history and art-historical significance, once a setting for the works of legends such as Andy Warhol.

But we are not resting on the laurels of the past. Rather, we are preparing this place to make history again.

The Showroom opens up a dimension of experience that goes far beyond traditional shopping - both offline and online.

Es ist ein Zentrum der Inspiration, ein Schauplatz, an dem Individuen mit übereinstimmenden Wertvorstellungen und einer Leidenschaft für das Außergewöhnliche zusammenfinden. In diesem einzigartigen Raum, wo das Persönliche auf das Exklusive trifft, sind Sie nicht einfach ein Kunde, sondern ein geschätztes Mitglied einer Gemeinschaft, die das Besondere schätzt und sucht.

Exceeding the limits of the ordinary...

Here, in an atmosphere that is both intimate and cosmopolitan, like-minded people discover not only a curated range of products, but also ideas and visions that touch the heart of "sartorial art". The Showroom is more than a place; it is an experiential space where the values of craftsmanship, tradition and forward-thinking innovation can be felt in every detail.

This vision manifests itself in our spring and summer collection, which is not only a tribute to the courage to innovate, but also reflects the spirit of the times, which is imbued with fundamental change and reinvention.

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The collection is in line with the idea that the future has its roots in the past while looking boldly forward. It combines tradition and innovation, past and future - living proof that true greatness comes from the balance between heritage and progress.

Let's not just live through the "times of change" together, let's shape them - inspired by the past, driven by the present and looking towards a bright future.