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Derby boot "Mountain Walk" made of light brown Russia leather - purely handcrafted

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I have a very special connection with Saint Crispin's. When the former founder visited me in my old workplace more than 20 years ago, I became his first customer and have thus been with the product from the beginning.

Today, Phillip Car runs the company and has brought it to this world fame. In the small workshop in Brasov, Romania, a few employees in a family atmosphere do not produce 1500 pairs of shoes a year. Over 400 steps are lovingly put together by hand to produce such a small work of art.

The circle of shoe aficionados today counts Saint Crispin's among the best shoes in the world and we are happy to be able to offer these wonderful works of art.

The "Mountain Walk" boot is an innovative idea by Michael Jondral and has been perfectly executed by Saint Crispin's. Adapted from the boots of the Austrian mountain farmers, here was created a boot that reflects your personal style and thus becomes a cult object.

Complete your "Mountain Walk" look with a denim shirt from Borriello or Finamore, cargo pants from Rota, a turtleneck sweater from William Lockie and an iconic down jacket or vest from Rocky Mountain Featherbed.


  • Mod: 403S - Derby Boot "Mountain Walk
  • Last: Classic
  • Mat./Col.: REB 070 - light brown Russia leather "lapel
  • Bot.: NVVO14 - leather sole with 14mm Vibram-Rubber sole and norvegese stitching
  • Lin.: LAMB - lambskin nature
  • Option: Metal Eyelets and Speed Hooks
  • 100% Handmade in Brasov - Romania!

Shoe Stretcher must be ordered optionally!

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