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Specials X MJ Book - "The Style Guide" by Simon Crompton

69,00 €

(Non-EU: 57,98 €)

included VAT, plus Shipping Costs
Delivery time 1-3 working days

Permanent Style - The Style Guide 

Personally chosen by Mr. Simon Crompton, we are allowed to offer this book.
"The Style Guide" is the latest book by Simon Crompton and it is dedicated to the personal outfits of selected people using the street-photography style. Simon analyzes the components of the individual outfits, materials and style. Excellently photographed by Jamie Ferguson.
The number of copies is limited and hand-signed by Simon Crompton.
A great book, which belongs to the library of the modern gentleman.
192 pages paperback
Publisher: Permanent Style (Februar 2016)
Language: English


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