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Diadora Heritage

Diadora Heritage Sneaker

A highlight of your casual outfit is the exclusive Diadora sneaker. The Heritage sneakers are distinguished by the use of extremely high-quality materials and are characterized by a unique authentic style due to the company's history.

The casual sneakers are designed and manufactured exclusively in the northern Italian city of Treviso. Treviso has been known for their shoes for generations!

Historically, Diadora has made a tremendous contribution to the success of the Italian sports shoe. Especially in tennis as well as in athletics, the company wrote sports history at the feet of legends like Björn Borg, Niki Lauda or Edwin Moses.

Diadora Heritage revives these incredible memories of sweeping victories through its modern interpretation of retro designs. Running, tennis and basketball shoes of the 70s and 80s with memorable names like Exodus, Trident and Equipe are recalled.

Michael Jondral is very pleased to be able to offer these leather sneakers in his assortment. He himself was wearing the originals in the 70s and 80s and strived after tennis legend Björn Borg, who celebrated his legendary successes in the shoes of Diadora.

Leather Sneaker

The Heritage collection excels with the processing of the most exclusive materials. High-quality tech nylon is combined with suede leather applications.

With this, the worlds of sporting confirmation merge with the popular lifestyle component. The junior CEO Enrico Moretti Polegato is responsible for this development.

Only because of this mixture, the manufacturer succeed in offering leather sneakers in a clear and authentic style with fashionable flair.

You will get a vintage sneaker, with the magic and style of past years still effective and irresistible. This makes the casual outfit twice as much fun and shines through the extra portion of authenticity!

All Heritage models we offer are 100% Made in Italy and are distinguished by valuable materials and characteristic finishes with a look for the finest details.

High-quality Sneaker

What only few people know is that the name Diadora does not come by chance and is derived from Ancient Greek. Diadora means sharing gifts and honoring.

Against this background, the philosophy of the company can certainly be understood better and more easily. Already since 1949, the Italian cult brand pursues the brand-based philosophy with professional athletes.

The brand has always invested in innovation and has an incomparable research center, where biotechnicians, shoe experts and orthopedists work hand in hand on the latest developments. Molto bene!

In no case, however, the reflection on old values and models comes too short. The vintage look is finally what makes the charm of the Heritage products. Let yourself be seduced by a portion of sport history at your feet. There is hardly a better leisure sneaker that can be combined so wonderfully to a pair of Rota trousers and a Finamore  denim shirt.