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Trunk Shows for Spring / Summer 2020

Cancelled – (13.03 & 14.03.)

Saint Crispin's

Cancelled – (20.03. & 21.03.)
Cesare Attolini

Currently Cancelled – (24.04. & 25.04.)
Orazio Luciano

Currently Cancelled – (08.05. & 09.05.)
De Petrillo & Borriello

We are looking forward to hearing from you in terms of an appointment or request: shop@michaeljondral.com or +49 511 1697700.

Special service by Michael Jondral: regularly held trunk shows. Supplier and their bags of samples come visit us to present their latest pieces ... But of course that's not all. Sometimes these events last several days, on which our customers get a deep insight into the product quality and processing. A quality only the best manufactories can offer.

We offer a chance to talk shop with tailors, shoemakers and designers or to meet icons of the business as Massimiliano Attolini, Simone Finamore or Dipl. Ing. Phillip Car personally. With such perfect advice, you'll surely choose the right piece of clothing, which is measured and manufactured according to your individual wishes and preferences.

If you wish to receive personalized invitations for these events in the futur, please send us your contact details with address and name to: shop@michaeljondral.com