Theaterstr. 13

In the Theaterstraße of Hanover an odyssey came to and end that started 30 years ago in a tiny street of the historic center, the Schuhstraße. A fashion-odyssey: at the beginning, the young Michael Jondral entered the store "Heinrich" by the legendary Heinrich Zapke, at that time one of the most colorful figures of the German men's fashion scene, to request a apprenticeship training position. Michael Jondral should never leave the industry or change the company, in which he finally became Managing Director and was responsible for the brand strategy.

Only in 2007 he left his former place of work and founded his own company together with his dear wife Bettina: Michael Jondral sartorial styles in the Karmarschstraße. In 2013, he started the last logical step: moving into the Theaterstraße 13, the opera district. "Style is comimg home", was the title of his campaign. Because right there, in the shadow of the magnificent Laves opera, on Hanover's last boulevard with its elegant streets and neighboring – that's where the elegant Hanoverian has always stilled his need for luxury and fashion.

However: Michael Jondral has permanently deleted the phrase "men's fashion" from his company name. "We are already a bit crazy - my Italian suppliers and I", Jondral admits, "the term 'fashion retailer' wasn't the right term." Missionaries would be more appropriate ... On this note: Please visit the most beautiful missionary station of Italian way of life and casual elegance. In the Theaterstraße 13.