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Specials X MJ Abbeyhorn x MJ - shoehorn made of ox horn

29,00 €

(Non-EU: 24,37 €)

included VAT, plus Shipping Costs
Delivery time 1-3 working days


This outstanding shoehorn made by Abbeyhorn - England is the ideal companion for every shoe Aficionado.
Since 1749, the essential products are made by hand in the UK and are of the highest quality.

The shoehorn is made of 100% ox horn. The back side is finished with the Michael Jondral logo. Two recesses on the side serve as a handle.

  • Material: ox horn
  • Size: 4,5cm x 25,6cm
  • 100% Made in England!


Abbey Horn England has been producing high quality products from real horn since 1749. Over the centuries, the craftsmanship has been steadily perfected, which has made the company one of the best in the UK. We are very pleased to be able to offer a collection of these exceptional products made exclusively for MJ.


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