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Specials X MJ Exclusively for Michael Jondral: Blazer Crest "Crown & Knot" - handcrafted

49,00 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 41,18 € excl. tax)

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A traditional blazer crest that gives your blue blazer style and sophistication. Decorate a blazer by Orazio Luciano or De Petrillo with this blazer coat of arms and you are not only perfectly dressed at the next yacht party.

Especially in combination with the Fedeli terry blazer. A truly royal beach outfit!

Each badge is decorated with luxurious gold threads, silk and cotton, and the embroidery of each piece is a sophisticated craft. Each small piece of wire is cut individually and placed by hand to create a finely detailed and exquisite embroidery picture. A masterpiece from a small emblem in the West End of London. Exclusively for Michael Jondral!


  • Blazer Crest
  • Motif: "Crown & Knot"
  • Handstiched
  • Height ca. 8cm

Handstitched in London!


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