Venice – the flattering & suspicious beauty

„I fell in love with Venice, the first time I arrived." - Peggy Guggenheim


This is what also happened to Michael Jondral - who has ever since cultivated a great love for this sophisticated and almost mysterious city. 

Venice, the flattering and suspicious beauty - as Thomas Mann once wrote - invites you to linger. But she is also sometimes a deceptive lover and requires dexterity and local knowledge in order to fully unfold. 

It is well known that people drink, eat and stroll around the circle of like-minded people. Against this background, we introduce the Easter weekend with a perfect day in Venice à la Michael Jondral!

By the way: We recommend to listen to the sounds of Vivaldi - one of the famous sons of the city! 

The Day in Venice begins early - 6:30 AM!

We start the day with an early morning walk from the Hotel Bauer Palazzo to the Rialto fish market! 

Accompanied by a Good Morning Cigar - a Petit Robusto by Hoyo de Monterrey - we will go over the legendary St. Mark's Square to the Bar Al Todaro Dal 1948 to enjoy a first small Café Hausbrand. 

This is also where the gondoliers who start their day meet. 

Afterwards, through the streets of the still sleepy Venice, we continue to the Campo de le Becarie to check out the daily offer of Venetian fishermen and to make plans for lunch.

The perfect outfit here is a total look by Drake's, combined with a pair of Paraboots, which are particularly suitable for the wet soil on the Rialto! 


Quickly with the host of the favorite trattoria "Antice Carampane" a first Aperol is taken in the neighboring street bar Al Merca - the host drinks a tiny glass of Augustiner beer, which is served there "alla spina". 

Now we head back to the hotel. The breakfast is calling and some inspiring reading: Thomas Mann's novel "Death in Venice". 

Is it Lunchtime already?

Lunch is approaching and it we must follow an invitation to the terrace of the Cipriani. 

Outfit for the sporty ride with the boat taxi of the Cipriani and the light lunch in the garden of the restaurant "Cip's Club": 


The event turns out to be boring and can only be endured with a few glasses of Ca Del Bosco Saten and a wonderful second cigar, a H. Upmann Magnum 54. 

We suppose it is better to head back to the Bauer Palazzo. 

The wind and splashing sea water is stopped by a linen plaid "Sedia Si Sdraio" and a light pullover made of duvet cashmere. 

A Venetian Legend...

A little rest, a few more lines Thomas Mann and soon it is time to change again, as there is a meeting at the Harry's Bar.

A meeting place for writers, artists, models - a luxurious restaurant whose fabulous uses and timeless decor have often been imitated. 

Ernest Hemingway, Orson Welles, Sinclair Lewis and other luminaries have tasted their famous cocktails and other original inventions of the bar – just like the world famous carpaccio and the now omnipresent Bellini. 

Arrigo Cipriani's story of Harry's Bar is full of rousing wit and carefree charm. One more reason to go! 

What does man wear?


At Harry's an outfit is still appreciated, because the bartender recognizes taste and quality. 

He quickly pushes some tourists aside and serves a martini cocktail without asking. Here you can stay. 

Since the appointment does not come, we better break up and take a small dinner at Ristorante Al Covo. The host, a friend, always has a place ready. 

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