Our Summer Trouser Guide

The Variety of Sartorial Summer Trousers

Anyone who has read our winter trouser guide knows that there is definitely more to wear in a man's life than a pair of jeans. Especially in summer, the focus lies on the body center of the wearer. If, for example, a (knitted) polo or the beloved linen shirt is worn without a jacket, the hip area gets its big performance.

As a result, gentlemen can and should draw on the diversity of detail of our summer styles.

Details in Perfection

Even Leonardo da Vinci knew: details make the perfection and perfection is not a detail!

One detail worth mentioning is the so-called "Side Adjuster". This must not be missing in sartorial summer trousers - after all, a true gentleman almost never wears a belt to his trousers.

Historically, the reason for this is that the trousers of a gentleman are cut so that they fit exactly to his waist, but also, because a belt is simply uncomfortable and does not necessarily stand for elegance in most cases. 


Against this background, the hard-working tailors invented the Side Adjuster or Side Adjuster. These are able to compensate small fluctuations in the waist width nonchalantly and exude a sophisticated flair at the same time.

Please wear the shirt and also the (knitted) polo tucked in the trousers! It would be a shame to let the shirt or polo shirt "flip over" the waistband because that would cover up all the manual work!

Summer Highlights

Among the "must-haves" of your summery wardrobe are the Rota trousers made of pure Irish linen.

These trousers convince not only by the high-quality workmanship of the house Rota but above all by the outstanding material characteristics.

The Irish linen industry is proud of its rich heritage and has been able to look after and develop its craftsmanship, which looks back on a long history, over many generations.


The linen production is extremely complex and requires great craftsmanship in every step of the production process.

The trousers feature our popular sartorial details such as side adjusters, buttoned front, suspender buttons and, in most cases, a double pleat.

The Gurkha Pants

Another highlight of this summer are the Gurkha trousers by Orazio Luciano.

Not only historically interesting, but also sartorially a unique specimen, these trousers derive their name from Nepal's elite soldiers, who in turn have their name from the Nepalese Kingdom of Gorkha. 

Thus, the trousers by Orazio Luciano find their inspiration in the trousers, which were worn by Nepalese soldiers as they served in the British Army, and is considered a successful "statement piece" in your summer wardrobe, which is also rich in history.

To pleat or not to pleat?

Cut waist-high, the classic pleated trousers have a tapered cut that flatters almost every silhouette perfectly.

Our styles start with a wide and slightly higher waistband and always have double pleats at the front.

In the sartorial world, the pleats are drawn up to the edge of the waistband, but always end a few inches below the waistband. It not only creates an elegant look but pays tribute to sartorial craftsmanship.

Thus, our models provide sufficient "space" at the leg and waist zones,while the tapered fit allows for a slim fit and thus provides the perfect presentation base for your Saint Crispin's loafers.

If not already known from the winter trouser guide: Either completely or not at all! No pleats or double pleats! Please avoid the trouser styles with only a single pleat.

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