Trunkshow Flashback with Saint Crispin's & Finamore

One Trunkshow Ends, The Next Trunkshow Starts

As you have certainly noticed, Phillip Car of Saint Crispin's has also honored us this weekend to the annual Trunkshow.

There was quite a lot of shop talk, new shoe ideas, lots of laughs and, of course, custom-made shoes as well!

The "much to laugh" is always due to Andrea Finamore, who is exclusively responsible for any kind of humor during the annual trunk show.

Andrea joined the trunkshow again to not only present the latest summer fabrics, but also to take orders for the best men's shirt!

Andrea Finamore @Michaeljondral

Apply, Polish! 

If you have the highest demands on your footwear, you have always trusted the "Holy Crispin".

At the very latest, once the boss (Phillip Car) has personally started the process of "applying, polishing" according to the Mr. Miyagi method on a customer's pair of shoes, we know it is probably the best shoe in the world!
We have recorded this love and passion for the product in a short video.
In the main roles: Phillip Car as Mr. Miyagi, a Carpathian edge smoother and of course Michael Jondral as Count Sprezzula!
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