Steve McQueen x McGeorge of Scotland

Was trägt Steve McQueen

The King Of Cool is alive!

How often do you get the opportunity to revive movie history through a piece of garment - at least at the same level as driving a freshly restored BMW 507, just like Elvis did on a ride through Montecarlo? We think it's too rare!

All the more pleased is the haberdasher Michael Jondral to announce that we have received the original McGeorge of Scotland knitwear in our assortment!

If this still does not ring bells with you - up to this date, McGeorge manufactures the original sweaters and knitwear that Steve McQueen wore in person! By this we mean primarily the unique Shawlcollar Cardigan, which is captured for eternity on countless photos in the books about Steve McQueen.

Also noteworthy is the typical Aran sweater with cable stitch, or the button-through knitted shirt with cuffs.

We cannot get closer to a Hollywood icon like Steve McQueen nowadays! If Steve McQueen, contrary to our expectations, should be too little Hollywood, other legends like Grace Kelly, or the beautiful Jean Seberg, who wore a McGeorge of Scotland sweater, while stealing Jean-Paul Belmondo's breath in "Breathless", were great fans of the designs.

What did Steve McQueen wear?

Someone who is still referred to as King of Cool or as "the most casual guy of the American film history" has done something right and has left a legacy. It is not for nothing that Steve McQueen if one of Michael Jondrals style icons.

Cool and uncompromisingly masculine that are two words that well describe him best - so Michael Jondral. The casual style of Steve McQueen is almost inimitable. But even then he did not place importance on the opinions of others. Nevertheless, he was always fashionably on point and remains unforgotten to us today.

It does not matter whether the King of Cool strolls around in "The Thomas Crown Affair" in a custom-made three-piece suit or if he is riding a motorcycle in "The Great Escape" while wearing a pair of chinos and a gray shirt. A little bit of wickedness combined with an almost impossible nonchalance - no actor has been able to convey this combination so well.

The pieces that have been worn by style icon Steve McQueen, the KING OF COOL, serve as a model of the capsule collection developed by McGeorge for MJ. The knitwear is only available in the favorite colors of the King of Cool - flannel gray and navy blue.

The collection is especially tailored for the haberdasher Michael Jondral and is without compromises, only 4 models (of which 3 in 2 colors) and only in the way as Steve McQueen has worn them.

Scottish Art of Weaving

Explore the memorable quality of Scottish weaving. The capsule collection comes in a 100% cashmere or 70% lambswool 30% cashmere and therefore is characterized by a wonderful haptic.

The knitted fabric is made on old wooden looms that give the sweaters a particularly voluminous feel and includes the durability secret of Scottish knitwear.

Steve McQueen in his Shawl Cardigan

These wooden looms are naturally served in exclusive handiwork - the art of weaving is still important here. The weaver uses the flying shuttle by hand and the loom is operated with the help of the foot pedals.

But not only are the "Wooden Looms", which are used to weave, responsible for the quality, but also the unique waters of the Scottish Highlands. This has an extremely pure quality and is especially PH neutral and soft. These factors are especially necessary in order to wash the yarns and for the "finishing" process.

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