Spring Summer 2020 - On behalf of the President!

Presidential Style 

Presidential [ prɛzɪˈdɛnʃ(ə)l] Adjective ~ having a bearing or demeanour befitting a president; dignified and confident.

When it comes to presidential style, it is exactly that; dignified and confident - befitting of those who wield the intellect and influence to helm the free world and etch themselves in the annals of American history. Or at least that’s how it should be. 

But alas, the last bastion of presidential style met his demise in 1963 after a mere two and half years in the Oval Office, and there hasn’t been a president since whose style reflected his stature. So, this spring/summer season, we revisit the halcyon era of presidential style and pay homage to the style of John F. Kennedy and others of his era.


American Ivy with a hint of Italianate Nonchalance

A simple Google search conjures up a Slim Aarons-esque archive of idyllic imagery depicting the president’s summer sojourns to the Mediterranean. 

If not abroad, it seems he was aboard his family yacht as he holidayed in the Hamptons - sailing through the summer in style - often clad in knitted polos, cotton chinos, penny loafers, and of course, his signature sunglasses.

Despite his presidential status - which often necessitated a suit - it was these louche and luxurious outfits worn during times of leisure that defined the style of the 35th president of the United States.

This unique blend of American ivy with a hint of Italianate nonchalance that at once paid homage to his collegiate years at Harvard and his worldly outlook, was apparently the consequence of his wife, Jacqueline’s, influence. This is all to say that his style was simple yet sophisticated, and certainly worthy of the ‘presidential’ moniker.


The President of the United States Meets the President of Hollywood

But if ‘presidential’ is synonymous with style, it is more synonymous with status. It was through this status that JFK forged friendships with others who’d ascended similarly lofty heights - aristocrat’s, plutocrats and members of the social elite. And so begun his friendship with Frank Sinatra. 

One ruled the White House, the other Hollywood, and both ruled the domain of presidential style. Whilst JFK favoured sailing, Sinatra favoured golf, and it was on the course that he could be frequently seen clad in ensembles similar to those worn by JFK, comprised of knitted polo shirts - some replete with chest pockets and others with a full buttoned front - and tastefully tailored trousers.

Revisiting Presidential Style this Summer

No more, though, will you long for the halcyon era of the Hamptons or of teeing off with Sinatra in a sun soaked Palm Springs, for this season, we revisit the styles of this forgone era. 


Cut from fine fabrics in a palette of creams, beiges and cobalt blues, and featuring knitted polos, button down collar shirts, crisp cotton trousers, crew neck and quarter zip sweaters, expertly crafted jeans and loafers designed to be worn sans-sock in the summer, the new collection is is dignified and confident, and certainly bears the demeanour befitting of a president

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