Spring / Summer 2019 - In the Sign of Great Style!

The "Great Style" as Role Model

"Style is what you are", Truman Capote once said.

For Capote, style was not only a glittering, dazzling surface; rather, it was a platonic ideal, an epistemological form of the view of the world and the associated way of life.

All the extraordinary women - and he knew them all: Marella Agnelli, Gloria Guinness, Audrey Hepburn just to name a few - as well as her often extraordinary spouses, men whom he admired, all of them had that special, characterized style that he called "real style“.

These were the days of great directors like Frank Capra, Howard Hawks, John Ford and Alfred Hitchcock. Times when great actors icons like Cary Grant, Gary Cooper or Clark Gable flickered on our screens - then called silver screens.

Capote spent most of his life surrounded by the rich, famous, and beautiful during this era - so who could form an opinion on the "great style" better than him?

To this day, the iconic looks and styles of the golden Hollywood era are receiving great recognition. Reason enough for us to celebrate their lasting legacy in terms of fashion and place it at the center of our seasonal motto!

Our motto of the season: Old Hollywood with style icons like Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Gary Cooper and Clark Gable!

We highlight the most important "outfit formulas" - suitable for all occasions and bring a little glamour on the big screen of life!

In the Footsteps of the Great Style

Certainly style has a predisposition that is shaped by family background. But you can also learn a lot.

In search of one's own platonic idea of one's own self, one should not only recommend Plato, but also to learn by watching and imitating others may be allowed here for once!

So you can not only invent the style for yourself but also perfectly stage your own personality. Only then will your style become perfect and unchanging. Who knows, maybe it even goes down in history?

Practical, that style icons like Douglas Fairbanks Jr., the great Gary Cooper or even Cary Grant once again, are there to help. To this day, there are always things that can be seen and learned in these personalities.

Through the fusion of different products, styles, textures and colors, the beginning of spring presents flexible and versatile looks that attest to seasonal dexterity.

Whether in the tasteful design of casual outfits or in the sartorial world - the iconic taste of the Hollywood style icons should be preserved and reinterpreted in a contemporary way.

The perfect piece for the luxurious Hollywood casual look is the sky blue duvet cashmere sweater by Attolini's own knitwear mill - a truly special knit sweater for the summer look and your next trip to the Amalfi Coast

Here, the finest yarn meets a special spinning process, which results in a coated fiber that feels fleshy and silky at touch. Perfectly combined with a linen shirt and a pair of jeans or in summer also with a herringbone linen trousers by the same house.


Nothing is as it Seems

In his treatise on "Hollywood," Capote attributed different meanings to the light of Los Angeles (or more precisely, the glamorous and sometimes crazy place called Hollywood). It symbolizes the existence of dreams or ambitions as well as the superficiality of this place.

Anyone who immediately thinks of something "bad" will be taught a better way! Capote suggests that people should learn that our world is diverse, and should therefore practice putting several meanings to one thing.

Even the most common things in our world seem superficial and materialistic, but in reality there is a deeper meaning and unimaginable nuances everywhere.

Bravo! Let's dive deeper into the collection.

What would a Douglas Fairbanks Jr. want to wear? This question can be answered ad hoc: The ivory suit "Délavé" made of linen & cotton made of the finest Solbiati linen!

In its color a wonderful companion for spring and summer. Perfectly combined with a sky-blue shirt and knit tie by the same company, suspenders by Albert Thurston and stylishly rounded off in summer look, with suede loafers by Baudoin & Lange or Saint Crispin's.


A Touch of Ivy League

The Hollywood always coquettes with the motifs of the Ivy League should be no news. The looks and styles of the Ivy League served as a constant source of inspiration for the screen.

So this season our British (American) section does not come too short of course.

We are still loyal to brands like Drakes and have increased the collection’s diversity in terms of depth and choice due to the incredible popularity of the last season!

Discover the elegant Drake's style not only in the area of ties, pocket squares or summer scarves - but also in terms of shoulder parts, the creative mind of the brand, Michael Hill, impresses with its great taste and proves once again why Drake's is one of London's Design Studio No.1!

Made in Italy with a soft shirt shoulder and an elegantly light waistline, the result is a piece of wardrobe that combines the elegance of Italian tailoring with the tradition of British textiles. The very fine cotton cord was prewashed and inspired by its cashmere-like soft touch.

Further Highlights

In the Irish weaving mill of Spence Bryson, a special fabric for a special suit by Orazio Luciano was created: Pure linen in black with diagonal twill structure meets the easy processing of Orazio Luciano and gives you a stylish appearance.

Why black? The attentive customer recognizes in this suit a summery equivalent to the black cord suit from the past winter season. The latter is intended as a garderobe building piece for the artistic gentlemen and flirts with a material like the Irish linen with the classic black suit.

Wear the suit with a white Fedeli polo shirt or a white shirt by Finamore, a tie by Drake's and a pair of gray woolen trousers by Rota and of course suspenders by Albert Thurston. Both outfits are perfectly finished, with our black pennyloafer "Principe" by Bontoni. A perfect look in Black & White.

Another highlight was created in the same weaving mill. Pure linen in a marriage of sand with herringbone pattern, gives a stylish and sporty appearance in the skillful gentleman-look for the summer.

Fine details make the difference to a normal jacket and underline the sporty message of this "Safari" sports jacket. Three patch pockets with pleats and flap and a collar extension, as well as "Paramano" cuff on the sleeves are in the foreground here. Already Peter Ustinov, as Hercule Poirot in the wonderful movie "Death on the Nile“, was able to shine in such a jacket.

Combine it with a blue cotton chino by Rota and a Fedeli polo shirt or a shirt by Finamore or Borriello, a tie by Drake's and gray woolen trousers by Rota. A perfect look for the urban safari!

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