Spring/Summer 2018 - A Marriage between Naples & Somerset

The spring / summer season 2018 is marked by the marriage between the best things the clothing industry has to offer for gentlemen: The combination of Italy & the UK.

What took its course in Naples at the beginning of the 19th century with the import of high-quality fabrics from England, finds its way back into your gentleman's wardrobe this season.

With a tribute to the Neapolitan aristocracy, always based on the British style, we bring the elegance of the past days back to the present. British understatement meets the easy and nonchalant craftsmanship of the world's most skilled tailors based around the Gulf of Naples.

Drop the curtain! But first of all for the pre-collection. After all, the British have not "built" their colonies with an area as large as a quarter of the land-covered surface of the earth, in one single day!

MJ’s Pre-Collection Highlights 

The highlights of the pre-collection are mostly to be found in the casual product world of Drakes.

Hand-printed summer scarves, summer ties, bandanas as neck squares, and of course the ever-popular shackets make a perfect base for casual appearances and dominate the smart casual look of every gentleman.

The shackets (shirt + jacket = shacket) are sporty to wear combined with a shirt or polo shirt, but can also be smart casually worn over a shirt combined with a tie. Think of Peter Ustinov in the movie "Death on the Nile" or of Roger Moore as James Bond!


Ideally, combined with Edward Green, which are handmade of the finest leathers in the world in Northampton. Gentlemen like Ernest Hemingway or the one and only Duke of Windsor were among the most respected customers. Even today, the name Edward Green is synonymous with the best English shoes!

A Complex Color World

The color scheme of the spring / summer 2018 collection finds its inspiration in the regions of Somerset, Cornwall as well as on Capri and the Costa Amalfitana and, of course, the great style icons of these places are indispensable! Giovanni Agnelli's immortal style is as much a part of Capri as the elegant smart casual look of Fred Astaire to Somerset!

The color world in the area of the shoulder parts is oriented in rich but at the same time calm colors. Coats, (sport) jackets and suits are kept in the so-called gentleman's colors, which include sand, navy, white and a little olive.

This is exactly where Italy meets Britain as part of our summery marriage: Most of the fabrics for our wonderful shoulder pieces, whether by Cesare Attolini or Orazio Luciano, come from the UK - especially by.

The liveliness of the colors can only be brought into play with the accessories. Ties, pocket squares, handkerchiefs or scarves may and should pick up and reproduce the nonchalance of the Italian coastal landscape around Napoli.

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