Beauty will save the world?

An artistic journey

We can't sugarcote the latest news. But what we can do is to point out that even in these moments there is beauty in everything we do. 

And if you ask us, we should pay more attention to the beauty than ever. After all it keeps us alive. 

Or not? 

Let us put Fjodor Dostojewski's prophecy “Beauty will save the world” to the test. Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Nobel Prize winner for Literature, analyzed this quote from Dostoevsky's book "The Idiot" in his Nobel acceptance speech and asked provocatively:

"What kind of statement is this? For a long time I thought it was just words. How could that be possible? When did beauty in the bloodthirsty history ever save someone? Refined, raised, yes - but whom was saved?" 

A question that we should address today - given the current situation. Don't you think?

In order to understand the answer Solzhenitsyn gives to this question, we must first understand what he understood of the function of art, which he argued was ultimately "the only substitute for an experience that we have never experienced ourselves. " 

But what exactly does that mean?

Well, according to Solzhenitsyn art is the only experience that can give us direct access to the meaning and feeling of others' experiences. Experiences that go beyond our own. 

So Dostoevsky suggests that through beauty we can find a real and very tangible connection with those who have just had this experience before us - and with whom we are coexisting at this moment. 

Here beauty is what enables each of us to elevate our individual and very special experiences to something that comes closer to a universal meaning. 

And so we would like to look back with you today at the experience of artists in matters of "relaxed casual style" and illuminate the style of those who have lived for the beauty to a certain extent.


The "relaxed casual Style" of the artist

An artist like David Hockney is a great expert in the interplay of color themes. The British artist is famous for his pictures about life in Los Angeles. Hockney captures the hedonistic atmosphere and culture of the city, the leisure activities of the residents and the weather in his lively pop art paintings. "I prefer to live in color," the artist said of his decision to settle in California. 

This universal meaning of the colors can be skillfully transferred into the fashion world as our curated look shows. "The Artist" is an intelligent, stylish look with esprit, which quotes the intellectuals and artists and thus, as appropriate by Solzhenitsyn, "feeds" on the experiences of those who have already experienced this beauty before us. But see for yourselves.

The great painter Jackson Pollack by the way wore also his favorite unconstructed cotton jackets as a work jacket or when he showed himself in public, which was extremely rare. 

Until today this style is still very popular in the London art scene. Drake's founder and art collector Michael Hill as also Fergus Henderso – the owner of the unique casual restaurant "St. John" are lovers of this artistic style. And MJ a big fan of the St. John restaurant.

The look includes: 

- Dark blue peacoat "Nabucco" by Moorer. The light rain-resistant Shape Memory Tec material offers perfect weather protection. 

- Casual jacket "Games Blazer" made of washed cotton mix. The rising lapels and the completely unstructured processing show sartorial influences and combines them with the idea of a sporty jacket. 

- The "Paulie" polo shirt by Brigatelli dal 1922 was knitted from finest Egyptian cotton. Flattering like cashmere and yet pleasantly cool to the touch. The colors of the polo also bridge the gap between the jacket and the blazer. Warm ocher becomes a summer-fresh unit thanks to the saffron yellow of the polo and the blue creates maritime moments.


Details matter!

The accessories that are of great importance in rounding off a look are always important to consider. 

A bandana as a scarf replaces a formal tie, a light scarf in your jacket pocket can be conjured up out of your pocket in any situation to protect you from the cold. 

The side pocket offers space for the daily newspaper so that you are always up to date in these crazy times, or on better days for the concert program or the exhibition catalog.

A perfect leg dress is a pair of jeans made of original Japanese denim from Resolute with a native western belt from Meneghetti.
For this styling we recommend the Clifford Boot or for very hot days the espadrilles from Drake´s.

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