Rule, Britannia!? New Arrivals!

The British Empire was the largest colonial power in history. With colonies on every continent and an area as large as a quarter of the land-covered surface of the earth, about 500 million people lived here - which at that time corresponded to one third of the world's population.

It's not surprisingly that such "progress" in the most patriotic song of all time - "Rule, Britannia!" - was covered ...

But since then, a lot of time has passed by, many oligarchs moved to London and Britain has only two "colonies" now: the Mediterranean island of Malta and the Rock of Gibraltar.

We say: Well, whatever...

After all, the lover of fine men's clothing still benefit from the unparalleled "synergy effects" and resources that once were offered by the endless empire.

The materials came from everywhere, but even then it was only too obvious that it was nowhere else in the Empire but in Scotland where the "Ingridients" were processed.

The Scots - by the way, they were once quite rigidly colonized - have always understood the art of weaving. Mostly, because of her fondness for tartans, the distinctive signs of clans ...

Reason enough for us to celebrate and focus on the enduring legacy - as part of the Seasonal motto: British rural nobility meets urban gentleman!

Beyond the Tweed

In 1858, Theodor Fontane wrote a travelogue on his trip to Scotland, which he named "Beyond the Tweed". The report is about a trip to Scotland that Fontane did with his friend, writer Bernhard von Lepel, in the summer of 1858.

Naming the report: the tweed. A river that divides the rugged country in the north of England from the rest. The English connect a natural rawness to this piece of land, which finds its manifestation in the woven fabrics from this region.

Is it any wonder that the Briton make sports jackets out of this fabric for a stroll through the Highlands or for annual duck hunting?

Celebrate with us this classic style, which enjoys modern influences this season, but is always characterized by the values of craftsmanship and quality.

Our partners fulfill these requirements in an excellent manner and stand for pure understatement - just for the connoisseur's eye.

As seen here with our curation of Cesare Attolini & Orazio Luciano:


Special highlights of the season include the Shetland fabrics specially made for Michael Jondral! These were woven by Fox Brothers in Somerset U.K. with their own design of colors and patterns.

The fabric coupon is strictly limited to only 35 meters and in addition to the existing jackets, there is only a small about available for other special orders!

Authentic & Casual

In addition, this season we want to highlight a few collections that, in their authentic way, are a wonderful addition to our sartorial world, marked by the love of Naples.

These include above all De Petrillo with a modern interpretation of Neapolitan tailoring. Benedetto De Petrillo lives the tradition and gives his collection a modern twist with a body-hugging and slightly shorter fit.

The strict attention to detail and the careful search for the best textiles make de Petrillo synonymous with high fashion. The result of many years of experience and passion.


But also our new additions 1ST PAT-RN and Manifattura Ceccarelli would like your attention.

Manifattura Ceccarelli

Manifattura Ceccarelli is a brand born in Forlì in 1998 thanks to the passion  of its founder Giuliano Ceccarelli.

His relationship to the territory and nature has always been fundamental to Giuliano Ceccarelli, and his experience as a producer of the Filson brand has shaped Manifattura Ceccarelli.

The down parka "Fisherman Parka" interprets the North American workwear as a stylistic element of a modern casual look. In combination with a shawl collar cardigan or a turtleneck by Drake's, it is a wonderful companion for your winter wardrobe. Skillfully worn over a tweed jacket and perfectly rounded of with corduroy trousers by Rota.



The story of 1ST PAT-RN begins with a well-defined idea of giving the classic blazer a vintage look. Cristiano Berto, owner of 1St Pat-Rn and fabric visionary, has had the best British corduroy fabric by Brisbane Moss washed a little hotter.

With its 2 patched flap pockets and patched pocket on the chest, you'll find the combination of the traditional Brooks Brother's blazer and the uniform jackets of the Italian Navy.

Combine this corduroy jacket with a Rota chino, a denim shirt and a Drake's club tie. A successful look and a statement of the timeless casual style.

In combination with the pants "Allen" FP25003 it will be a cool suit and Woody Allen turns into a urban neurotic.


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