Orazio Luciano x Drake’s x Fox Brother’s @Michael Jondral

Days for personal measurements x 3

Freshly arrived from New York, the hardworking tailors of Orazio Luciano have given us the pleasure of an annual trunk show in the house of Michael Jondral!

With unpretentious timelessness, the hand-made tailoring products from Naples inspire us. These open the doors to the sartorial world at an attractive price / performance balance. Details, such as a wide collar, feather-light workmanship and a large repertoire of wonderful fabrics, give a completely noble and successful overall picture.

In order to help you choose the right suit for your needs, Douglas Cordeaux from Fox Brothers will be there and present you a wide selection of the best flannel fabrics in the world.

The sartorial summit meeting at Jondral will be highlighted with a welcome from Drake's London. It is possible to create an individual tie according to your preferences. In terms of fabric selection and processing, Drake's London is absolutely state of the art.

On Friday and Saturday,., we will welcome our friends!

We are looking forward to making an appointment via shop@michaeljondral.com or 0511/1697700.

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