The Definitive Guide to Knitwear for Winter 20/21

Flashback to a pre-covid world and societal shifts had already spawned a recession of formality. The status quo had been challenged, and the widespread objective to rid society of its former ‘rigidity’ and ‘archaic’ traditions were made manifest in a world where dress codes and style were increasingly relaxed. 

Fast forward some months, and this trend has been magnified by an even greater societal shift; one which has impacted not only our tastes, values and beliefs, but our behaviour. Naturally, clothing must adapt.

Indeed, the modern day imperative for clothing is that it straddle the line between relaxed and refined - that it be perfectly versatile and traverse the entire spectrum of formal to casual with effortless aplomb. 

It must be at home within the confines of your lounge room, and equally so at a restaurant dinner or drinks. It must be fit for wear during work hours, and equally so of social occasions. This is all to say that versatility is key, and that there is no category of clothing more versatile than knitwear.

The Shawl Collared Cardigan

Relaxed on the one hand, yet refined on the other, the shawl collared cardigan is a true winter wardrobe staple. 

Wear with a tee shirt or knitted crew neck and jeans whilst working from home, or with a collared shirt, tailored trousers and a pair of suede loafers for an evening spent indulging in fine food and wine with friends.


The Classic Turtleneck

Elegant on the one hand, yet easy wearing on the other, the turtleneck is a bona fide essential in the winter. 

Wear with jeans or cotton chinos for days spent at home, or elevate it with a tailored suit from Cesare Attolini and bespoke leather shoes from Saint Crispin’s.



The Knitted Polo

Knitted from a lightweight and luxurious Scottish cashmere, the Sportsman polo from Fedeli is perfect with jeans and a gilet for weekend wear, but equally so under a tailored jacket and contrasting trousers for an elegant evening ensemble one might wear while dining out.

If you are on the "trail of Hollywood", then you can also wear such a knitted polo with a suit to reduce the formality of a shirt + tie look.


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