Customers Trip to Napoli with MJ

Magic Napoli

See Naples and die?

„Vedi Napoli e poi muori.“ - Italian idiom

What could be better than to spend a week at the foot of the Vesuvius in magical Naples? It is not for nothing that the Italians think of Naples as a fallen piece of heaven on earth!

Many will ask questions about what the phrase "See Naples and die" is actually about? We can assure you, it is only an Italian pun. This pun can be found in the word "Muori" to which means the verb "to die" on the one hand, but also an enchanting small town near Naples on the other hand.

You see, your worries are entirely unfounded and a parallel to "In Bruges" is therefore not given - great movie by the way!

We would rather provide a brief retrospective on the annual Michael Jondral customers travel to Naples and a brief look at the common idioms of the country certainly does not do any harms. Let us enjoy the magical place at the foot of Vesuvius!

Sartorial Trip

„The best things in life are simple“ - that is also how the trips by Michael Jondral to Naples started. 

Due to Michael Jondrals personal contact with the customers and the detailed reports and stories from Naples, customers repeatedly expressed their interest in visiting this truly magical city.

The visit of the factories, which represent a cornerstone of Michael Jondrals collections, turned every trip into something especially enjoyable! Resident manufactories like Finamore, Cesare Attolini or E. Marinella always provide a family atmosphere and an extensive guided tour.

That is how you can immediately look over the brave cutters' shoulders and at the same time discover, how much "fatte a mano" is put in the wonderful handmade items!
Sartoriale Einblicke

The Cesare Attolini Tour

A real highlight of each customers trip to Napoli represents the annual visit of Cesare Attolini's manufactory.

"Future needs origin" - something like that can also describe the personal relationship of Michael Jondral to the world's best tailors of Cesare Attolini, on which the familiar atmosphere is based and which always inspires new customers.
It all started about 15 years ago when Michael Jondral initiated a collaboration with Cesare Attolini parallel with the former supplier Kiton in his old company.
At that time, Massimiliano Attolini came to his first visit to Hanover. For one evening, he was a guest in the house of Michael Jondral where Jondral's wonderful wife surprised him with - you guessed it yourself - Spaghetti Bolognese.
This was followed by a great bottle of Sassicaia 1985, a wine which revolutionized Italy's viticulture in the 80s and a personal friendship has been starting that still continues today. Several years later, Massimiliano and his brother Giuseppe became personal mentors and supported the decision of Michael Jondral to venture into independence.
That is how customers of haberdasher Michael Jondral can still get a direct insight into the sartorial world of the most stunning factories.
Massimiliano und Peppe wie immer in euphorisierter Beratung Ihrer Kunden
The world famous tailoring is halfway to the Vesuvius, so the natural diversity of Naples is not forgotten while visiting the sacred tailoring halls.
After the tour through the Cesare Attolini manufactory, the customers have the opportunity that their measurements are taken by the professional tailors. Right after that you can select your suit, jacket or shirt fabric, directly from the historic Attolini fabric depot. 
For lovers and connoisseurs of the sartorial world, this represents the ultimate sartorial experience! After all, not everyone gets to have access to the collection of material by Attolini.
MJ mit Peppe Attolini - mal nicht im Anzug, der Koffer kam nicht an!

Hotspots in Napoli

If we could inspire you to this wonderful journey, you are welcome to contact Mr. Jondral directly ( for any future inquiries.

If you should decide to spontaneously explore Naples on your own, here are some of Michael Jondrals personal hotspots:



  • Capo di Monte - collection of painting
  • Teatro San Carlo - Caruso has sung here
  • Galleria Umberto - architectural pretty gallery, identically constructed like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan


  • Ciro a Mergellina - classical Neapolitan cuisine with an outstanding Branzino Fritto
  • La Scialuppa - wonderful fish restaurant directly at the small harbor Borgo Marinari
  • Pizzeria da Michele - right where they were invented
  • Mimi alla Ferovia - classical Neapolitan cuisine
  • Café Gambrinus - THE Café of Naples
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