In the sign of the triumvirate!

One week after the very successful trunk show with Giuseppe Attolini, we are happy to welcome another friend of the house and master of his craft: Andrea Finamore.

Visits from our suppliers are an important part of our understanding of service - and an appreciation of our customers by Italian tailors.

Anyone who wears a shirt or a blouse from Finamore knows: beyond this quality, there is nothing that could be made of a better fabric.

Finamore is an outstanding product that Michael Jondral always presents with pleasure.

More amusing than with a small shop talk with Andrea Finamore, the autumn couldn't be welcomed in a more fashionable way. Buon finesettimana!

This season the Aficionado is able to live its life at one's best, because a certain selection of Finamore shirts has a very special quality:

It is called "170 a Due" - a very fine full-spun yarn, which is spun from the particularly long-staple Egyptian cotton fibers "Giza 45".

A quality made exclusively for Finamore 1925 by Alumo. Perfect for the elegant gentleman and true aficionado ...


What is normal?

This week the "normal case" will be topped.

Because not only Philipp Car of Saint Crispin's will be here, but also Thomas Riemer.

These two provide the perfect duo regarding shoes and gloves, whether by its special finishing or matching combination out of glove and shoe - both offer crucial components.

Thomas Riemer says: "A glove deserves to be celebrated". Michael Jondral liked this phrase so much that he wanted this hand-made glove collection "TR gloves Vienna" among his collections.

Traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design, which is designed in Vienna and manufactured in Hungary, in a pure craft enterprise using old special machines and tools.

The use of the best materials - whose research Thomas Riemer personally takes over - the most careful workmanship and never-ending effort to achieve the perfect fit make these gloves truly unique.


A Few More Words About Our Unique Shoes

Similar to suits, the price and quality of footwear do not always correlate, as many brands do not justify their exorbitant pricing with the appropriate quality of their work.

Do not be afraid, gentlemen, because here, driven by decades of experience, you will find a range of curated shoes that balance quality and price.

Over 400 work steps are lovingly crafted to create a piece of "small" artwork. As one of the best shoemakers in the world, Saint Crispin's is committed to a hand-stitched construction with RTW, MTO and bespoke offerings and manufactures its shoes in only the finest types of leather.

Feel free to visit us or browse our online shop - the individual orders can of course be operated all year round, here you will be advised by Michael Jondral ideally.


Post Scriptum: Only For Travelholics, Bookaholics & City Neurotics.

If you are in Vienna soon: The Hotel Grand Ferdinand - the former headquarters of the Lauda family - is highly recommended.

The best culinary hotspot is the Steirer Eck - one of the best restaurants on earth ...

With so much superlative, of course, the drink must be celebrated befittingly. Preferably in the Loos Bar - a bar under monumental protection.

Last but not least, MJ's book tip of the week: "Tailored modern: Adolf Loos. Life, work and side effects"

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