Trousers Guide 2.0

The Small Difference

Long live the small, but subtle difference! Beautiful women should most likely bare their legs, especially in places like the Amalfi Coast, the Côte d'Azur, or those linked to an "en vogue" lifestyle.

But let's not digress! As the gentleman certainly already knows, the man's extremities belong in a decent leg dress - ideally by Rota!

At this point, the small town of Fidenza near Parma also emerges. In a family business, based on the tradition of the sartorial workshops, our favorite pants by Rota Pantaloni are created!

A Sartorial Symbiosis

The days are getting shorter, the forests are colorful and the air cools down more and more. The morning awaits us increasingly with cold dusk and only invites us half-heartedly to go to the door.

But we are not letting ourselves be impressed in this new season, which is called " Masculine Refinement", because the arrival of autumn and the colder winter offers us the opportunity to adjust our trousers wardrobe accordingly and even expand it.

In a way, it can be stated that the transitional period between warm and cool months is a good opportunity to exchange cotton & linen for flannel, corduroy & wool!

By combining different items, styles, textures and colors, we can create flexible as well as versatile looks that attest to our seasonal dexterity.

As the true connoisseur already knows, layering often works best with "broken" ensembles. On the one hand, the different fabrics of the jackets, sport jackets and pullovers diverge with those of the trousers, on the other hand they form a sartorial symbiosis, which is second to none!


Details – What else?

William von Wykeham already knew: "Manners maketh the man!" We keep thinking: "Details maketh the man!" 

One or the other will already have noticed - some of our curated trousers models stand out in particular by a small flap pocket on the front, just below the belt.
The American says "Fob Pocket"! We call this the watch bag. And like so many things in the men's wardrobe, this little detail also finds its origin in the rich history of the men's tailoring industry. But do not worry, you can still wear your Patek on your wrist!

However, if you still have a pocket watch, you can put the end of the chain in the fob bag and the watch can rest in the side pocket. If you do not have a pocket watch, you can enjoy the cosmopolitan flair, which you radiate through a piece of individual style.

Strictly for Gentlemen! Wintery Highlights!

One of the winter "must haves" of your wardrobe are Rota trousers made of the finest Shetland tweed and Donegal tweed. Of course, these convince not only by their high-quality workmanship and their fit, but above all by the fabrics!

In 1858, Theodor Fontane wrote a report about his trip to Scotland, which he named "Beyond the Tweed". Tweed is the river that divides the rugged country in the north of England from the rest.

The English attest to this piece of land a natural rawness, which of course manifests itself in the woven fabrics from this region.

Is it any wonder that the Englishman uses these materials to make jackets for a ramble through the Highlands or for annual duck hunting?


Donegal Tweed is a handwoven tweed made in County Donegal, Ireland. Donegal has been producing tweed for centuries from local materials for the production of caps, suits and waistcoat.

Sheep thrive in the hills and bogs of Donegal and native plants such as blackberries, fuchsias, broom and moss provide the appropriate colorants - an incomparable ecosystem!

For us it is the perfect leg dress in combination with a shirt by Finamore and a jacket by Orazio Luciano.
The pants feature our popular sartorial details such as side adjusters, buttoned front, suspender buttons and, in most cases, a double pleat.

The Allrounder

Granted, finding the right fabric for combinale pants that are worn with jackets rather than suits is not easy - especially if you've gotten yourself into an "all season".

"Smooth" fabrics that you are accustomed to as part of a suit are often too formal. Many cotton fabrics, especially washed chinos, are too casual.

The most popular alternative is flannel. In gray, it is an absolute men's classic and very versatile in its shape. But we have an alternative, because even the flannel trousers have their disadvantages!
The solution: Cavalry Twill! A twill fabric with a smooth surface and a clear, protruding double twill effect. Traditionally a fine worsted or a combination of worsted and wool thread, it was used for "hard-wearing" clothing such as breeches, hence the connection with British cavalry officers.

This fabric comes with excellent properties, because it is stretchy and robust at the same time.
Both for the sporty suit in your free time as well as for your sartorial trousers unreservedly recommended!

Do it like the English! Put your trust in this wrinkle-free and at the same time durable alternative to cotton trousers - among connoisseurs THE ideal material for the combinable trousers to blazers.
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