Drop your Trousers! Discover your new pair in our seasonal trousers guide.

"Clothes should hang from the shoulder, not the waist“.

Today, following the words of Oscar Wilde - because these may never have been as appropriate as at this point - we want to make it easier for you to get started into the world of our fall trousers and at the same time launch the "usage" of suspenders.

There are two things, every gentleman knows: one - the man's extremities are supposed to be put in decent legwear and two - Italians have a very different relationship to their legwear than we do. After all, they seem to live in their trousers, only reluctantly and very rarely take them off (and now and then do not wear underpants). Cineastes know what we're talking about - The Godfather Part 1 ...

From the fit to the fabric, to the appropriate suspenders - we have taken the "extremities" in our hands, so you do not have to do it!

Only the King wears corduroy!

The most important thing right away: A man wears corduroy - to roar with the Vespa through Milan's city center, to sit well wrapped in a box at Inter or just to quickly switch from the Learjet to the helicopter - for the latter, we recommend a very special model , of course, from the house of Attolini:

These beautiful trousers by Cesare Attolini are made of a fine cord by Holland & Sherry and will accompany every one of your sports suits perfectly. The material combines a wonderful comfort with great durability through the mix of cotton, wool and spandex.

The processing of these trousers is the final stage of Neapolitan tailoring. 8 hours of pure handcraft from the trouser atelier of Cesare Attolini!

A sporty sartorial trousers for the cooler season - of course, perfectly complemented with suspenders by Albert Thurston.

If we took the cord at its word, it would be the fabric of kings, because the name can be derived from the French "Cord du roi" which translates into "matter of the king".

Historical records show that cord was already worn by King Henry VIII in the 16th century - why not you too?

The sturdy ribbing fabric keeps you warm and comfortable due to the very elegant processing offered by our manufactories. After all, it’s the combination of finest cotton corduroy from the British Empire and pure handwork with Neapolitan sprezzatura that makes the fabric so special.Or, in the case of Rota, generations of traditional craftsmanship from Fidenza at Parma, where the manufactory has never produced anything but men's trousers.


Layer for layer!

The transition period between warm and cool months is a good opportunity to not only swap the summery cotton & linen for flannel, corduroy & wool, but also to provide the perfect foundation for the layering style.

By combining different items, styles, textures and colors, you can create flexible and versatile looks - all of which attest to seasonal dexterity.

As the true connoisseur already knows, layering often works best with "broken" ensembles. On the one hand, the different fabrics of jackets and pullovers diverge with those of trousers, on the other hand they form a sartorial symbiosis, which is second to none!


Sartorial meets Sport

A "must have" for this season in your basic wardrobe are our cotton Fustagno trousers. They convince by the high-quality workmanship of the house Rota and by their fit which offer a wonderful wearing comfort.

These trousers were processed with wing pockets "Carretiera" - Sartorial meets Sport and is a tribute to bygone eras where gentlemen were still gentlemen!

The perfect leg dress in combination with a shirt by Finamore or Drake's and a sartorial jacket by Orazio Luciano. Or styled with a knitwear piece by Fedeli and an outdoor jacket by Moorer.

Our 1ST PAT-RN corduroy trousers "ALLEN" must not be left unnoticed either: with their 2 pleats and a pocket with buttoned flap, the sartorial trousers and the casual style of a chino are combined.


Combine these corduroy trousers with a denim shirt and a club tie by Drake's. A successful look and a statement of the timeless casual style.

In combination with the sports jacket "Woody" FP25001, it turns into a cool suit and Woody Allen into a city neurotic.

Brace Yourself!

Despite all the functional and technical advantages of our trousers selection - which of course you can enjoy even without suspenders - we recommend to at least call a few suspenders in your wardrobe your own.

For us, the appeal of the Albert Thurston suspenders lies in something "original", because suspenders are not just a means to an end. They have the power to deftly detach themselves and thereby overcome the everydayness of the strapless existence.

Throughout its rich and enduring history, Albert Thurston's suspenders have earned their high praise and consequentially adorned the kings, princes, presidents, and businesspeople around the world - thus conceptualizing the brand's long synonyms with „power-dressing."


And now they are on to you too!

Purchase a piece of British history in the form of Albert Thurston's beautifully crafted suspenders! You will surely feel as encouraged and powerful as those luminaries who have done so before!

Grabbing a belt is alright too!

However, we also recommend the Adriano Meneghetti belts as part of the "Native Collection", which originated in the weaving techniques and patterns of the North American Native Americans. These belts convince with traditional craftsmanship of Italian Artisans which use the finest Italian materials.

Also recommended:

The Felisi belt made of braided saddle leather and equipped with a matt nickel buckle with role. The braided saddle leather emphasizes a great safari style for the whole year.


A Felisi stamp on the inside as a certificate of authenticity for a product from this great leather factory based in Ferrara.

The ideal belt for your Resolute jeans or a Rota chino.

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