Our Trousers Guide

The Variety of Sartorial Trousers

Dear gentlemen! In the life of a gentleman, there is more than just jeans or denim.

Whether Smart Casual or Business - a wide range of men's chinos, cord and flannel trousers always provide the reliable foundation for building your wardrobe.

To make your entry into the world of trousers easier or expand your already existing knowledge, we we show you how versatile the sartorial world of trousers is thanks to our trousers guide.


Sport Basic Chinos

Whether sporty or elegant, our "sports styles“ are a must have for your basic wardrobe. Denim, washed cotton and fabrics with a low percentage of cashmere - you will find the right thing for every situation.

Especially the pre-washed fabrics can be worn comfortably in everyday life and are characterized by their particularly nonchalant nature. These models are almost perfect for a Sprezzatura-inspired casual look that can hardly be surpassed in terms of their diversity.

Thus, the sporty trousers styles can be perfectly combined with one of the luxurious sneakers by Fedeli or Diadora and, together with the outerwear by Moorer, they always form a solid foundation for an extensive urban walk.


The Corduroy Trousers for Men

Gentlemen, may we ask you to give our corduroy trousers the necessary attention? This is not just about a soft grip, but about a fabric that gives every casual outfit a luxurious component.

Our corduroy trouser models can be worn with knitwear by Fedeli or Fissore, otherwise with a sports shirt and a sports jacket by Orazio Luciano.

Especially the natural-colored corduroy trousers by Rota are a true allrounder in the sartorial everyday life! This is how you show of a discreet highlight and a brilliant understanding of upscale menswear. Combine these trousers sportily with a Glen Urquardt jacket and a shoe made of suede.


By the way: Our models are made of Brisbane & Moss Cord. It is world-renowned for its first-class qualities and has a limited distribution. The quantity of styles is therefore relatively low and the availability is not a matter of course!

Sartorial Classic

With our sartorial models, we place great emphasis on timelessness, details and a well thought-out selection of fabrics.

Discover our classic sartorial trousers with belt loops and without pleats, but with a buttoned trouser slit and a slightly raised waistband.

In addition, there are our sartorial trousers for the true connaisseurs, which have extended details. These include, in particular, the so-called side adjusters, which Gordon Gekko has already worn. These are sewn in instead of belt loops and replace not only the belt, but contribute to a refined overall composition.

These models have an increased waistband and some models have double pleats. But more about that later!

Only the connoisseur and lover will recognize these details and realize how special the pants are which you are wearing.


Which Fabric Should it Be?

The following aspects have to be taken into consideration when selecting the fabrics which are suitable for you:

If you are on the lookout for some basics, flannel is a "must" in every wardrobe. This marvelous fabric can be combined in a variety of ways - whether sporty or elegant, always combinable with multiple colors and always a wonderful companion in everyday life.

Light gray and dark gray are the colors you will always be happy with.

If you already own the basics, you can also play with some more "rough" fabrics. For example, the homespun tweed, which brings a touch of British nostalgia, is the perfect way to get into the more sophisticated world of materials.

Whether you choose Fresco, Moleksin, Covercloth or Cord, you are left to your preferences, because each fabric convinces due its unique characteristics.

Finally, One Question Left: With or Without Pleat?

The classic high-waisted pleat trousers flatter almost every silhouette perfectly. This effect is best achieved when the trousers have a slim cut and the pleats do not become too wide or even voluminous.

Please note: Either completely or not at all! No pleats or double pleats! Please avoid the pants models with only a single pleat.

As you know, the Devil is well-known in the detail and this also applies to the selection of pleats: Attention to the details Signori!

Therefore, the pleats of the MJ models by Rota as well as Orazio Luciano and Cesare Attolini are not drawn to the waistline. They end a few centimeters below the waistband and not only create an elegant look, but rather celebrate the sartorial craftsmanship.

By the way, the pleated waistband is also a perfect companion for the casual outfit! Best with a fitting knit shirt by Fedeli and a sports jacket by Cesare Attolini.

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