Felisi - Behind The Brand

Pure Craftsmanship

The Italian long-established label Felisi stands for a timeless design in combination with unique craftsmanship. This includes, in particular, bags, small accessories, belts, wallets or card cases which are not only unique, but also come with an original and signature style.

In 1973, Felisi was founded as a small manufactory in Ferrara and since then has written its history, which has always been characterized by an individual vision of progress and quality.

To this day, the Italian brand has consistently pursued its vision. This is particularly noticeable in the appreciation of traditional production techniques, which are linked to the constant pursuit of improvement and innovative originality.

It is this mixture, which has helped the brand to become world-famous, and the reason why Felisi is known all over the world for unique and extravagant handbags and leather accessories.

The Felisi Look

The long-standing house of Ferrara convinces its sophisticated and loyal clientele with a unique, original and exclusive style.

Clear shapes, plain but high-quality materials and muted colors are characteristic of Felisi's designs.

Straightforward and uncompromising are the accessories, which are only accentuated by very discreet colors.


All the more, the company logo hints at its original products, showing an apple tree with fruits in the center of a coat of arms. This symbolizes the fertility of the land of Ferrera, which is owned by the aristocratic family.

The coat of arms logo is not chosen by chance. The philosophy of the company is based on old virtues and values - such as justice, purity and prestige. Virtues, which a man of the world also calls his own in these modern times, and which can be incorporated into his clothing style accordingly.

A Loyal friend: The Felisi Bag

A matching bag has always been a special accessory for the modern gentleman. The bag should not only have a functional value and, above all, be practical and comfortable, but should also represent the attitude of the wearer to the outside world.

This is how the gentleman of today finds true allies in business bags, travel bags, weekenders and backpacks by Felisi.

These impress with quiet aesthetics and are available in a wide range of subtle colors and combinations.

In short: Expressive companions - whether at the workplace or during trips - which want to be held in your hands. A Felisi bag will accompany you for several years, if not even decades, because the bag is extremely hardwearing and gets a beautiful patina due to frequent use.


Felisi exclusively uses traditional plant-based tanned "top-of-the-range" leather as well as canvas or nylon of high quality. The models are strictly limited.

The same care, as in the manufacturing of his bags, Felisi also uses to produce his belts and leather utensils, which are also found in the collection of Michael Jondral.

"For a long time I have been in love with Felisi products. Travel bags, weekenders or a trolley made of an especially for Felisi developed nylon with fine natural leather, or wonderful small leather goods and belts. A personal favorite, which is hardly comparable"- says Michael Jondral about Felisi.

By the way, every product by Felisi has a unique product key, which makes it possible to identify each individual piece after years and, if necessary, simply replace individual components.

The team of Michael Jondral will be happy to advise you on your selection - whether offline or online.

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