Fedeli - Luxurious Knitwear Made in Italy!

Fedeli Cashmere

True to the motto "Tradition must be a springboard, but not a sofa“, the Italian knitwear manufacturer Fedeli convinces by its love for elegance and quality.

The finest yarns from Scotland are processed into unique knitwear. This includes not only high-quality materials, but also the quality-oriented production process, where design and innovation collide since 1934.


The ability to rigorously challenge one's own ability, as well as the use of tradition as a springboard through the process of "creative destruction", ensures that Fedeli stays one of the world's leading manufactories of international luxurious knitwear fashion.

Quality and the uncompromising expectation of the product itself have always been the guiding principle, which is the key to Fedeli's success. The timeless design together with the finest Italian knitting art, which is oriented on the ski culture of the jet set lifestyle around St. Moritz or Kitzbuehel, are appreciated and cherished by the sartorial gentlemen and connoisseurs.

Tradition & Origin

Although the management of the company is already in the hands of the third generation, the tradition plays an immensely important role in the survival of the company.

It is constantly invested in the preservation of the company's historical foundations. Whether it is the preservation of the historic company building, which has been recently renovated in the heart of Monza and adapted to modern needs, or by investing in the expansion of global stores. The evolution, updating and change are company constants of Fedeli.

What Fedeli does not change, however, are the core values and the emotions, the continuity and coherence associated with the garments.

Fabrics of Choice

Fedeli knitwear is the best option for the customer during the winter season. When high-quality cashmere and the finest lamb wool - for which the brand has been known since its inception - show their real strengths.

In addition there are other yarns and materials. Precious leather and high-quality fur play a further important role in the production process of the knitted fabrics. This allows the devil to be in the details and thus the clothes of Fedeli stand out like hardly any other knitwear pieces. Of course, this also includes a sophisticated range of colors and patterns!

To give you a brief introduction to the world of “yarns“, we have summarized the most important fabrics of the Fedeli collections: cashmere & lamb wool.


Cashmere is an extremely special fiber obtained from the goat species called Hircus. The name comes from cashmere, the first region to export this incredibly precious material in the beginning of the 19th century.[[Collection02]]

Nowadays, the animals live in the mountain regions of Asia, where climatic conditions and temperature changes between night and day directly favor the development of the precious wool. Only via this way, the finest qualities - up to 15 micro - can be achieved. By the way, these fine hairs are combed out by hand.

The exceptional peculiarity of the cashmere fiber, which stands out from any other animal fiber, is to regulate the body thermally and to protect it from temperature fluctuations.

Lamb Wool

The popular lamb wool is the finest fiber of the lambs of the merino lamb and gained from the first shearing. The length, the softness and, above all, the flexibility of the fiber are the appreciated characteristics which we owe to the special attention in breeding.

In order to treat the exclusive material adequately, Fedeli uses an exclusive manufacturing process, which is completely different from market standard. The actual spinning is done with a special carding process with air, which makes an incredibly soft and equally compact material possible - there is nothing better on a cold winter day in the mountains!

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