A visit at Cesare Attolini & Orazio Luciano


From Napoli with Love!

As you may have noticed over our social media channels, we were traveling this week to the wonderful Naples.

The destinations of the trip were the world famous manufactorys of Cesare Attolini and Orazio Luciano.

Both sartorial houses are a synonym for Neapolitan tailoring tradition, which places the highest demands on quality and craftsmanship!

The suits of Cesare Attolini and Orazio Luciano not only promise a stylish appearance, but are also a worthwhile investment due to the unique quality and fit. 

Sartoria Orazio Luciano!

Not only the connoisseur of the Neapolitan tailoring appreciates the craftsmanship of the Neapolitan tailors, but also every well-dressed gentleman.

The distinctive silhouettes, the high armholes, the hand-sewn buttonholes and of course, the famous Neapolitan shoulders are the results of the tailors whom work in the halls visited by us!

But please take a look for yourself at the videos in the forthcoming! Hopefully we will be able to transport you the unique atmosphere that is present in the sartoria!

Fabrics selection in the sacred Cesare Attolini archive

"Seek and you shall find!" Or rather: "The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose"?

Take a look at the famous fabrics archive.

The handsewn buttonholes

The buttonhole is sewn with the utmost care and of course, by hand.

This is one of the central and unmistakable details of an Attolini or Luciano jacket!

Arrival in a real Sartoria! 

In this video you can see how it feels when you enter a "real" Sartoria - the Maestro Orazio Luciano of course sits at the final check in the back and is personally responsible for the final inspection!

Here you can also see to what extent the production is done - always according to the motto: "Quality rather than quantity!"

Despite the high demand, the production numbers are neither increased by Cesare Attolini nor by Orazio Luciano - only this way the quality can be guaranteed!

It is all about the Details!

Here, Orazio Luciano introduces the Barchetta on a Made To Measure suit for a customer who ordered it a couple of weeks ago at our annual trunk show.

Make sure to check how the Barchetta is included in the windowpane pattern of the Fox Brother fabric!

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