Sustainability, authenticity & uniqueness

“I like beautiful things that are well made. I even believe aesthetics are equivalent to ethics. Something that is beautiful is ethical, and unethical things aren’t beautiful“ G. Agnelli

The Fall / Winter Collection 2017 is not only characterized by our imperishable stylistic elements, but also by a small jubilee: our business - Michael Jondral - is turning 10 years old.
In our jubilee year we bring the style of Cary Grant, Gianni Agnelli and Steve McQueen freshly interpreted to you.
Discover authentic materials and sturdy fabrics combined with the incomparable ease of the Neapolitan tailoring as well as unique cuts.

Loden-Coats & Scottish Fabrics

A noteworthy highlight of this autumn / winter collection is the Leichtfried-Loden. It was especially researched by Michael Jondral and finds its use in the Cabans & Coats by Orazio Luciano - naturally in its usual Neapolitan ease.

Loden has always been appreciated for its wind and rain impermeability and is also breathable due to its natural texture. In addition, only the finest Merino wool is used in the Leichtfried-Loden - that is how these wonderful cabans & coats are produced, with which you are always well-dressed in the cold and damp winter.

Additionally to the Leichtfried Loden, Scottish materials, which are highly honored by Michael Jondral, are used. 

With its origins in the Scottish highlands, where the sheep wool has always been spun and woven, the Scottish fabrics are characterized by their volume and their essentiality, and are equally impressive in a range of glowing autumn colors, as well as in more subtle designs with masculine Herringbone pattern – by the way, Steve McQueen’s personal no. 1.

Discover the accompanying collection with Cesare Attolini, created together with Michael Jondral to create a distinctive symbiosis between „distinctiveness“, volume and Neapolitan ease.

The collection features typical Neapolitan details and patterns, including the lapel „Largo“, the double hand edge and the world-famous Spalla Camicia / Con Rollino shoulder.

Going through winter with cashmere

Our cashmere sweaters are not just simple garments, they are rather real masterpieces of Italian knitting, which offer unmistakable qualities for the winter.

Whether luxurious for the weekend or in 4-Ply cashmere qualities for a smart casual look in the office – with our cashmere basics by Fedeli, Cesare Attolini and Cristiano Fissore you are always well-dressed.

Highlights such as 4-Ply, 6-Ply and 8-Ply cashmere sweaters will captivate you with an unachievable softness. They are always perfect companions for the traveling gentleman, who wants to stroll well-dressed in his winter hotspot.

The attentive gentleman will not have missed this: with Cristiano Fissore we have a new highlight in the field of brand diversity.

The story of Cristiano Fissore begins in the 1940s, culminating in the seventies when stylist Gianni Agnelli, through his personal friendship with Cristiano, created his personal knitwear.

The Fissore-style pearl rib, which is still incomparable in its production in the small cashmere knitwear factory in Ligurian Rapallo, was created.

Imagine that most of the yarn suppliers did not meet the quality requirements of Cristiano Fissore and against this backdrop a collaboration with Loro Piana took place, within which a vintage cashmere yarn was developed!

This particular yarn is produced with a particularly long fibers, resulting in an exceptionally soft and voluminous grip – that is what we call passion and dedication to the product we love and respect!

Key Pieces

Michael Jondrals personal favorites include the Steve McQueen jacket made of an original Harris Tweed by Hardy Minnis – ideally combined with gray flannel trousers on business days or casual with a pair of chino by Rota.

The gray Harris-Tweed sports jacket with herringbone pattern was a favorite piece of style icon Steve McQueen!


In order to stay with the sports jackets, the Pier de Poulles jacket made of the finest camel hair should be mentioned here. A jacket that is without a doubt reminiscent of Douglas Fairbanks and lets every gentleman enter the world of old Hollywood.

Added by Oxford Brogue boots in the 401 model by Saint Crispin's, which are simply a must in every men's wardrobe, as they can be combined incredibly diverse – whether with a pair of jeans, a pair of chino or with a suit.

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