Once Upon a Time in America...

Every good story starts with the words “once upon a time”. And so it is befitting that we start this story - the story of our new season - with these same words.
Once upon a time in America. That is the story of this season - where we find inspiration in the American Dream, the land of opportunity and the land of the free; where anyone can achieve anything so long as they’re willing to roll up their sleeves. This season is a celebration of the virtues upon which the American Dream was and still is forged; courage, confidence and a healthy dose of optimism. Virtues we need now, more than ever. This season, we celebrate the doers, the free thinkers and those with an appetite to change the world. This season is for you.

The Doctrine for Prosperity

The American Dream means different things to different people. To some it symbolises upward movement along the social class spectrum. To others it is encapsulated by the proverbial white picket fence. And, to many, it is their entitlement to liberty, democracy and freedom. Irrespective of how the American Dream may manifest itself to you, what it really is, is a doctrine for prosperity.

Only with effort shall you succeed.

Only with risk will come reward.

Hard work will eventually pay off.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A Message of Positivity

In its core, the American Dream is a message of optimism and a call to action for the betterment of humanity. 

It suggests that to pontificate is to stagnate and that to stagnate is to die. It encourages us to put our best foot forward. It encourages to create and to innovate.

It celebrates strength, bastions bravery and promotes urgency. Similarly, it abhors inaction, it laments laziness and has contempt for complacency.

This Season is for the Doers

So here’s to the doers, the free-thinkers and those with an appetite to change the world - this season is for you. We hope to inspire you with stories and images of similarly-minded men from foregone eras - those who played a part in shaping or bringing to life the American Dream. Similarly, we hope to inspire you through this seasons collection, which has been carefully curated to aid you on your mission in life - whether you’re rolling up the sleeves on one of our utilitarian pieces (inspired by the American west), or wearing an Attolini suit to do battle in the boardroom.
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