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Edward Green Schuhe Northampton

Future Needs Origin!

Made of the finest leathers in the world, every pair of Edward Green shoes is handmade in Northampton, England. The production process used for this purpose has largely remained unchanged since the company was founded in 1890.

The resulting level of craftsmanship ensures a luxurious feeling and guarantees exclusivity of your footwear.

Gentlemen like Ernest Hemingway or the unmistakable Duke of Windsor were among the most prestigious customers and even today the name Edward Green is synonymous with the best English Goodyear shoes!

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Who Was Edward Green?

As in every company, a truly great product requires the passion and dedication of one or more founders. In this case, it was only Edward Green who, with his special passion for shoes, created this unique product.

The history of the prestigious manufactory of footwear took its course as Edward Green took his apprenticeship with only being twelve years old and thus entered the world of shoemaking.

Inspired by his ambition to develop a higher "shoe class," Edward Green founded his own factory in Northampton in 1890. This special year still marks the company's own logo and bears witness to the unique shoemaker tradition.

From the beginning on, Edward Green collected the best craftsmen in the city, each of whom was an expert in his own field of shoemaking.

"Equipped" with the best shoemakers and the best materials, Edward Green was soon able to fulfill his promise "excellence without compromise" and to make a name for himself worldwide.

Edward Green Westminster

What Does It Look Like Now at Edward Green?

Still settled in Northampton, currently 60 experienced shoemakers work for Edward Green, who make about 350 pairs of shoes a week.

To this day, the greatest emphasis is placed on the choice of materials and on the delivered production processes, whereby some manufacturing processes are being challenged and improved.

First and foremost, it must be ensured that the shoes are proud to wear the name of the founder.

Why Choose an Edward Green? The Small Difference Makes a Shoe!

Edward Green rigorously follows the routine that the quality of a shoe is directly related to the quality of its components.

Only the finest French and Italian calf will be processed, which will be decorated by the famous Handfinish - the patina.

The soles are tanned in special oak barrels for a period of 9 months, thus not only exhibiting extreme durability but also providing an incomparable wearing comfort. You'll notice it!

Also the mastery of the techniques plays a central role at Edward Green. These are passed down through the generations and ensure that every shoe is manufactured to the same exacting standards.

Edward Green Portland Loafer

The shoemakers of Edward Green take the time it takes. From cutting the calf leather by hand, to the processing of the middle part, to the hand polish - each shoe is different.

That is how it can happen that more time than usual has to be invested in a pair. This can also mean putting in more effort, but this passion and the love of detail for the product ensures a shoe of unparalleled quality and character.

The end result is a shoe that is happily worn by new generations of gentlemen who appreciate the difference

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