E. Marinella - Behind The Brand

The King of Ties from Naples

On the Piazza Vittoria, in the Riviera di Chiaia no. 287 in Naples, there is a quite unobtrusive little boutique, which has just 20 square meters of sales space.

But this little boutique enjoys an international reputation.

One of the many special features of the shop, styled in a British way, is the fact that for 100 years now, the shop tirelessly opens from Monday to Saturday at 6:30 am!

When every morning at 6:30 the shutters are lifted by the shop owner himself, the first regular customers are already waiting.

They do not only come to buy something, but they drink coffee and talk about soccer, life and, of course, about women! In summery: it is like a family.

In 1914, Eugenio Marinella opened not only a boutique for ties and shirts, but rather a popular meeting place for regular customers and friends.

Today, the brand enjoys its international reputation in the field of handmade ties, but in the founding years, it was generally men's clothing that was tailored and sold.

Already at the beginning, Eugenio Marinella was importing high-quality & sturdy fabrics from England to serve the taste of the old high society of Naples, as the British style was seen as En Vogue.

After the Second World War, Eugenio Marinella decided to stop focusing on outerwear and to devote himself to the production and design of ties.


In order to underline the luxurious and opulent approach, the first ties by E. Marinella were made in the now "famous" and widely used 7-Fold style. Eugenio Marinella had brought this type of production from Paris. He invited tailors from the French metropolis to train his employees.

Thus, the tie not only received the necessary stiffness and strength, but was considered the epitome of luxury - after all, a lot of high-quality silk is needed for the technique.

That is how on the Riviera di Chiaia, the triumph of the modern Italian tie began.

The Obligation of Heritage

Now, Maurizio Marinella, the grandson of the founder, continues to run the family business in the third generation and keeps the philosophy of his grandfather alive.

Today, just as 100 years ago, the ties are made by hand in the sewing rooms of Marinella. Everything the sewers use are needles, sewing thread and an iron - nothing else!

This is exactly the key to success: the combination of traditional Neapolitan craftsmanship and the robustness of English silk.

It is the exclusive English silk fabric as well as the wool lining, which makes the ties so wonderfully soft - and perfect tie.

The colors of the typical Marinella tie are expressive and the patterns speak for themselves. The luxury ties are only decorated with floral prints or geometric signs, with no more than four pieces in sales per design.

By now, Marinella ties are sold by selected retailers and boutiques in France, Japan, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. However, there is only one store by E.Marinella: in Naples in the Riviera di Chiaia no. 287.

That is how Donald Trumps fairytale gift was rejected: a boutique on Fifth Avenue with lots of room, glass and light. Family tradition obligates, and Napoli is the only place in the world that is suitable for the production and sale of the hand-sewn ties - Bella Napoli and, of course, Hanover!

Custom-made ties in Marinella's technique

Anyone who does not make a find in the variety of colors and patterns, or who wants to realize his own idea of width and length, can experience how a tie is personally tailor-made according to his specifications – when in Naples.


An interesting marginal note is that Maurizio Marinella does not use a measuring tape. The shape and length of the tie determines the Maestro according to his eye and on the basis of his conversation with the customer.
In order to make the "Bespoke experience" perfect, limited silk prints from the archives are available for the customers.

The Tie of the Celebrities

Marinella ties are worn by celebrities and top politicians like Barack Obama or Mikhail Gorbachev.

The prominent and illustrious customers of these Neapolitan ties include not only former Chancellor Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schröder, but also the former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, some US presidents like Bill Clinton and many other celebrities.

The unique pieces for politicians and the international jetset are the specialty of the house and are thanked for with enthusiasm and gratitude, as seen in the many thanksgiving letters – proudly presented by Maurizio Marinella!

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