The Joys of Winter: The FW21 Knitwear Guide

Summer is the season of fun and frivolity, and these sentiments are transposed into our wardrobes. Louche fitting and loosely buttoned linen shirts accompanied with swimming trunks and espadrilles allow us all to embrace our inner mid-century silver screen icon or favourite billionaire industrialist. 

But for all the fun and festivity of summer dressing, it’s never quite been able to capture the eternal charm and romanticism of winter wear. This, as many of you discerning gentlemen will already know, is largely because of the unrivalled joys of knitwear.

There is an inherent luxury to knitwear that stems from the juxtaposition between softness and substance. Fine fibres like cashmere and lambswool can be ethereally soft - silky even in the case of cashmere - yet they are equally defined by how substantial and tactile they feel in hand. 

The other charming thing about knitwear is that it is one of the purest embodiments of clothing there is, for it serves to protect us above all else. Indeed there are few pleasures in life greater than the feeling of being enveloped in the warm embrace of knitwear during the height of winter.


Finally, it would be remiss of us not to mention how knitwear perfectly straddles the balance between relaxed and refined. It is for this reason that knitwear enables us to so effortlessly traverse the entire spectrum of dressing from formal to casual.

Knitwear is at home in the lounge room and equally so under a tailored jacket at a dinner restaurant or cocktail bar. So, without further ado, let us introduce our FW21 collection of knitwear for your viewing and wearing pleasure. 

The Classic Crewneck: Perfect for Layering

There is no garment more versatile than the classic crewneck. Whether crafted in Italy or Scotland, knitted from cashmere or lambswool, the crewneck is a true sartorial staple in winter. 

Wear on its own over a pair of jeans while working from home, under a gilet while out and about, or under a tailored jacket for an effortlessly elegant evening ensemble.

This season the sweater from Glenugie stands out like no other; the knitting mill specializes in knitting Shetland knitwear. Before knitting, the yarns are washed with seawater in the special climate of the Aberdeen hinterland and acquire a feel that is unusual for Shetland sweaters. A very special specialty from Glenugie, which gets its subtly sporty stitch structure by knitting on the particularly old knitting machines.


The Cardigan: One of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

Comfort and quality go hand in hand with our collection of cardigans. The Light Fast Gilet from Italian artisans par excellence, Fedeli, will pair perfectly over a collared shirt and under a tailored jacket from Cesare Attolini. 

On the other hand, our shawl collared cardigans from iconic Scottish maker, William Lockie, are perfect for layering over a lightweight crewneck or tee shirt while working from home in style.


The Timeless Turtleneck

It wouldn’t be a proper winter knitwear guide without the timeless turtleneck. Available in an assortment of materials, weights and colours, our collection of turtlenecks will slot in as effortlessly in your wardrobe as they do over a pair of tailored trousers and handmade leather boots in the winter.


Go on, don’t deprive yourself of one of life’s greatest pleasures. Embrace the comfort, the elegance, the effortlessness, and above all else, embrace the joys of knitwear this season.


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