The Definitive Guide to Trousers for Winter

Though the times are, no doubt a changing, the rules of tailoring most certainly have not. When it comes to trousers, quality is contextualised by the three c’s - the three constants that all tailors should abide; comfort, craftsmanship and cloth. 

This season - despite the shifting tectonic plates of society - the rules for trousers remain. So, whether you are working from home or from the office; eating in or dining out; travelling the globe or staying safe at home, a good pair of trousers will forever be defined by comfort, craftsmanship and cloth.

So, without further ado, let us explore this seasons collection in more detail so that you may find the perfect pair(s)…


Let’s Start With Comfort

Comfort comes primarily from cut - from the shape, size and style of the trouser. Take this pair - cut in a cream flannel by English stalwarts, Fox Brothers, and crafted by Italian specialist trouser makers, Rota - for example.

They have been cut with a higher rise and a wider leg at the behest of Michael Jondral so that they may afford comfort and style.

Next, Comes Craftsmanship

Trousers are only as good as those who are crafting them. It is in this vein that fabled Neapolitan artisans, Cesare Attolini, excel. 

Cut from a soft and supple grey wool flannel from Fox Brothers and styled with a flat front, side adjusters, button fly and an extended waist tab, they are the product of 8 hours of handwork - a feat that renders them closer to a piece of art than a piece of clothing. 

Pick stitching tracing the pockets and seams, and other subtle flourishes are the hallmarks of handcraft that define trousers befitting of the connoisseur.


Then Comes Cloth

Cloth dictates not only how the trouser feels, but how it functions. Michael Jondral has a particular affinity for fine English cloth - evinced here in these trousers (crafted by Cesare Attolini) cut from a cotton/wool cord from esteemed English merchants, Holland and Sherry. 

Defined by the subtle textural nuances of cord and their versatile light brown colour, this cloth is enriched with 2% spandex - woven with comfort in mind.

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