A Journey to the Interior of the Earth? No! But to the "interior" of the Neapolitan Tailoring!

Jules Verne took you on a journey to the center of the earth, we take you on a journey to the heart of Neapolitan tailoring!

The tailors of Cesare Attolini create from high-quality cloth, your personal measurements and a sharp cut, true masterpieces of traditional Neapolitan tailoring. 

If you are looking for a sartorial product from another planet, you will not have to go any further. 

Not for nothing is the name Cesare Attolini synonymous with sartorial craftsmanship in perfection...

But how did it happen?


Cesare Attolini and the Consecration of Neapolitan Tailoring.

1930’s Napoli - a hotbed of tailoring talent. Whilst many of the city’s preeminent tailors would go on to enshrine their family names in sartorial royalty forevermore, Neapolitan tailoring had, up until that point, taken heed of the militaristic structure and bravado inherent of British tailoring. 

That was until Vincenzo Attolini defied such traditions.

Attolini production

Doing away with the padding, lining and rigidity of Savile Row to create a jacket that was of unparalleled lightness, softness and comfort. 

And so occurred perhaps the most monumental paradigm shift in sartorial history - the consecration of Neapolitan tailoring as we know it.

Patronised by Icons of the Silver Screen

Over the coming years, Vincenzo would hone his signature style and the Attolini name would enjoy synonymity with taste makers and arbiters of elegance who were enamoured of this new sartorial vernacular, and embraced its eclectic blend of liberating lightness and sophistication with great fervour. 

Luminaries such as Marcello Mastroianni, Oscar de Sica and Clark Gable - who, befittingly, had his garments tailored whilst in Naples for the filming of ‘It Started in Naples’ (in which he starred alongside Sophia Loren) - all featured on the list of Attolini clientele.


The Attolini-Legacy

Coco Chanel once said that “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury”, and the sentiments extolled by the late great Parisian fashion designer seem rather befitting when talking of Attolini, for it is comfort that conceives the notions of elegance, effortlessness and luxury so often intertwined with the Attolini brand. 

This legacy set forth by Vincezo nigh on a century ago, has since been preserved by his son Cesare - whose name the brand bears - and his two sons, Giuseppe and Massimilano - heirs to Attolini throne.

The Attolini Shoulder: A Work of Art

But, despite the ethereal softness and comfort of Attolini garments, the ingenuity of Vicenzo - and indeed the very essence of the Cesare Attolini brand - is evinced in the shoulder. Soft but sharp, subtle but singular, the Attolini shoulder is something of a paradox.

The high-cut armhole, full sleeve head and supple layer of canvas that traces the shoulder line, all converge at one point to conceive Attolini’s signature shoulder roll. 

Crafted entirely by hand so as to contour the body with effortless aplomb, the Attolini shoulder has become the insignia of the discerning few - bespeaking rare taste, elegance and sophistication.

To experience the ethereal embrace of an Attolini garment is to do many things. 

It is to behold a work of art. 

It is to intertwine oneself with history. 

It is to ensconce oneself at a table surrounded by luminaries past and present. 

It is to wear, perhaps, the finest suit in the world…

But discover for yourself: Massimiliano explaines you each Detail in the following Video...

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