Cesare Attolini Trunkshow

Sartorial Perfection

Friday and Saturday, 16. and 17. September 2016

Out of high-quality rolls of cloth, their personal accuracy and a razor-sharp cut, Cesare Attolini's tailors create true masterpieces of traditional, Neapolitan tailoring.

It is not for nothing that the name of Cesare Attolini is worldwide synonymous with perfect sartorial art - which is already demonstrated in the 3rd generation.

As usual, Massimiliano Attolini will be present in person at the trunkshow and will come up with an ample selection of high quality fabrics, just waiting to be processed in masterful suits and sport jackets.

You are welcome to your private appointment, for individual measurements  or just to chat among friends.

We look forward to taking your appointment under shop@michaeljondral.com or via phone 0511/1697700.

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