Time to start the movie: Agnelli - La Dolce Vita!

Every gentleman knows that his own sense of style runs in the blood. The parental home characterizes. But the future gentleman can also learn a lot.

To learn and copy from someone else by watching is allowed in this case - as long as the "sources" are correct and match the own character.

Only then is it possible for one to invent and consolidate a style for oneself.

Style icons such as Gianni Agnelli, the great Neapolitan comedian Toto, Vittorio de Sica, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant and many more come into mind. There are always things that you can look up to in these personalities.

That is why we cannot help ourselves and have to point out this video gem today, which highlights the life of Agnelli and his legendary style and the elegant looks of L'Avvocato!

P.S.: The photo from this article, which can also be admired in our shop in Hanover, was taken by from Marianne, Princess of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, who is fondly called "Mamarazza" in high circles.

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