Borriello Napoli - Behind The Brand

A Young Manufactory as Guardian of Neapolitan Shirt Tradition

The small shirt manufactory Borriello based in Naples produces hand-made shirts according to the old Neapolitan tradition.

Borriello takes care of every detail of the shirts, from the selection of the fabrics to the pure craftsmanship.

Combined with the traditional art of the Neapolitan tailoring, the silk-stitched buttonholes and noble Australian pearl buttons adorn these unmistakably Neapolitan shirts.

For example, the following steps are carried out in pure manual work:

  • Cutting the fabric
  • Armholes
  • Attaching the shoulder
  • Attaching the collar
  • Attaching the cuffs
  • Attaching the fabric triangle for back part & front part
  • Buttonholes
  • Sewing the buttons

The result is a handmade shirt with unmistakable details, which also offers an interesting price / performance ratio.

A Few Words to Borriello's History

Brevity is the soul of wit!

This applies also to the beginning of the history of the shirt manufactory Borriello and his founder Clelia in 1980.

From the very beginning, the small workshop from Naples paid great attention to detail and traditional processing - two important components which directly contribute to the success of the manufactory.


Since then, Borriello has been a great destination for high-quality shirts made of the best plies and unmistakable craftsmanship. Scarcely any other shirt producer enables such an attractive price at the same level.

Even today, the shirts are convincing by their craftsmanship, but also by a selection of fine fabrics, the combination of colors and the constant search for new models. In this way, Borriello succeeds in preserving the tradition and bringing equally innovative products onto the market.

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