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Specials X MJ DVD: It started in Naples - Vincenzo Attolini per Vittorio de Sica

10,00 €

(Non-EU: 8,40 €)

included VAT, plus Shipping Costs
Delivery time 1-3 working days


The rich lawyer Michael Hamilton, played by the unrivaled Clark Gable comes to Naples to settle the legacy of his deceased brother who died in an accident. To his surprise, he discovers that his brother had a son who now lives with his aunt on Capri. The aunt, played by the Neapolitan icon Sophia Loren, turns out to be a seductive nightclub singer, and between her and Hamilton it comes immediately to the dispute over the proper education of the boy. While the question of custody is to be clarified in court, the two fall in love.
In a supporting role, the great Neapolitan actor Vittorio De Sica, who is seen exclusively in suits by Vincenzo Attolini. The founder of the unlined Neapolitan blazer with a soft shirt shoulder and concave curved Tasca Barchetta.

A wonderful movie for a relaxing Sunday afternoon, presenting the sartorial world of Naples in an easy and amusing way.


  • DVD
  • Actors: Clark Gable, Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica amm.
  • Language: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Danish
  • Length: 96 minutes
  • Allowed for: starting at 12 years 
  • Release date: 4. August 2015

ID: DVD23001

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