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Cesare Attolini Suit "Herringbone Solaro" made of pure English wool - purely handcrafted

5.999,00 €
incl. tax

(Non-EU: 5.171,55 € excl. tax)

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This wonderful suit is all about the greatest style icons. One will have the highest level of style and in the circle of true gentlemen. Brilliant in its rust-shiny color.

A summer suit inspired by our role model and style pope Gianni Agnelli.

A typical detail is the 2-roll-3 button, always chosen by Michael Jondral, and the slightly wider lapels. A trademark of the Neapolitan jacket, which gives the wearer a perfect silhouette.

In its color a wonderful companion for spring and summer. Perfectly combined with a blue striped shirt and knitted tie by the same house, suspenders by Albert Thurston and stylishly rounded off in the summer look, with suede loafers by Edward Green or Saint Crispin's.


  • Material: 100% wool "Herringbone Solaro" 320gr. - Standeven Explorer
  • Color: rust brown
  • 2-roll-3 button
  • Inserted shirt shoulder "Spalla Camicia"
  • Unlined
  • 2 attached pockets
  • Double picks stitching
  • Buttoned front with "Pancerina"
  • 2 pleats with "Travetto"
  • 4,5cm waistband
  • Lengthened waist with hidden sartorial hooks
  • Side adjusters
  • Suspender buttons
  • Open hem
  • Foot width: 20cm

Handcrafted in Naples!


Each individual piece of the tailoring Cesare Attolini, embodies the tradition and technical perfection, which is now continued in its 3rd generation. From the cut to the final ironing, every jacket, every suit and every coat is hand-crafted in no less than 30 hours. The special secret is Attolini's unique cut with its high armhole and wider sleeve. The typical Neapolitan "Spalla Camicia"! Cesare Attolini pays special attention to a not too severe creasing, which leads to a perfect and particularly brilliant appearance and underlines the timeless elegance of every piece of Cesare Attolini.

ID: CA26054

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