Refreshed by the Stream of Impermanence!

Often dismissed as a hackneyed platitude, it is an undeniable truth that in our world, the only constant is change and transience....

The soothing rhythm of the waves, the sweet fragrance of a flower in bloom, the rustling of leaves in the wind - all bear witness to the transience of existence.

In this transience lies a sublime beauty and even if it is difficult for us to accept this truth, there is a paradoxical beauty to be found in impermanence.

When we learn to accept the transience of life, we can also learn to live with greater authenticity.

With this in mind, this season we invite you on a journey in search of authenticity.

Together we travel to the picturesque coasts of the Côte d'Azur, as well as to the idyllic beaches, charming villages and first-class restaurants of Sylt!

These iconic destinations have seen many changes over the years, but they have retained their charm and glamour and have attracted and hosted famous personalities like Gunther Sachs and Brigitte Bardot for a reason.

We believe that fashion is more than just clothing; it is an expression of our deepest desires and aspirations. By embarking on this journey, we hope to bridge the gap between the beauty, the transience, and the eternal appeal of fashion.

If you want to find and live your true authenticity, then read on, if not - go directly to New Arrivals here!

Goodbye routine!

It's easy to get lost in the monotony of daily life, where everything seems routine, predictable and unchanging. But that usually only appears when we lose sight of impermanence.

However, if we cultivate an attitude of acceptance toward the impermanence of existence, we can begin to see the beauty in each moment - no matter how fleeting it may be.

It is this acceptance that allows us to live with greater authenticity.

The beauty in the change!

For too long we have clung to the illusion of permanence and denied the reality of impermanence that surrounds us. However, by accepting the fragility of our world, we open ourselves to the possibility of true catharsis.

Only when we recognize that nothing is permanent do we become less attached to things and less afraid of change.

This allows us to appreciate each moment as it is and live in the present, rather than constantly dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Once we have accepted the transience of life, we can also find our authentic "inner self" and live up to our Platonic ideals.

So we start to focus on what really matters and what is important to us. We start to live according to our own expectations and no longer according to the expectations of others.

Embrace your Inner Style Icon!

Style icons like Alain Delon, Gunther Sachs and Bridget Bardot are examples of people who embodied these character traits on screen, and also in real life.

Just remember the 1000 red roses that Gunter Sachs rained from the helicopter on the house of his Brigitte Bardot!

They lived their lives to the fullest of their potential, accepting the transience of life and immersing themselves in the present moment.

They did not let their lives be dictated by societal norms or the expectations of others, but followed their passions and their true selves.

They didn't let their lives be dictated by societal norms or the expectations of others, but followed their passions and their true selves.

And so we invite you, too, to embrace your inner style icon and make a statement wherever your travels may take you.

Whether you're sipping cocktails at a chic beach cafe or dancing the night away at a glamorous party, our garments will help you embody the spirit of European sophistication.

As the sun sets and the night begins, you can capture the spirit of "La Dolce Vita" with our effortlessly elegant ensembles perfect for a summer night on the town.

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