Cohérence - Behind The Brand


The Japanese label Cohérence stands for timeless and classic coat and jacket design, which seeks and finds its direct inspiration in the style icons of the past eras.

Incidentally, the name Cohérence is derived from the physical term coherence, which refers to the wave trains that are synchronized or aligned. The name is intended to represent the actual synthesis of certain personalities, talents and virtues of the past epochs.

The Cohérence collection is inspired by legendary artists and intellectuals such as Le Corbusier, Léonard Foujita and Henri Matisse. The designs all refer to images and film excerpts of the legendary artists, musicians and movie stars from the first half of the 20th century.

Of course, it is not surprising that the brand's clear motto is "The wardrobe of legends".

Cohérence combines exclusive Japanese fabrics and Japanese love for detail with sartorial techniques of tailoring.


In the days of Cary Grant and Le Corbusier, the men's style was not nearly as eccentric and versatile as it is today.

The suit was still the center of every gentleman's wardrobe. The classic tailors were then the true kings of gentlemen's wardrobe.

Standard details, such as high armholes and figure caressing silhouettes, which you know from Italian tailoring manufactories of today’s world, were not the order of the day.


This was especially true for men's coats, which were not only made of heavy woolen fabrics and durable canvas, but above all were cut large enough to fit over a robust suit. Needless to say, the good pieces were made "good enough" to last for years and to be a loyal companion to gentlemen!

This philosophy is used by the Japanese label Cohérence. One can confidently go so far as to claim that Cohérence romanticizes the era of classic coats and updates it for the modern and at the same time sartorial man, thus contributing to a sustainable wardrobe. In times of wastefulness and short life, a great attitude as we believe.

In other words, a very well-made coat can offer as much value to a person who likes to wear tailor-made clothing as someone who wears only clothing.

Kentaro Nakagomi

May we introduce you? Cohérence Designer Kentaro Nakagomi!

This gentleman founded the Cohérence brand not so long ago. Inspired by vintage photos of former great artists, such as the architect Le Corbusier or the French filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

In fact, Kentaro Najagomi loves the silhouettes of classic outerwear so much that he calls the old days the "golden age of outerwear".

But instead of simply reproducing the clothing style of the photos, he sees himself as a creative artist, who always creates something with an origin out of inspiration that also looks "old" to a certain extent, but feels very fresh and modern.


Kentaro uses the pictures and films solely as inspiration. He wants, as he himself expresses, not exactly the same garment copy, but to revive it in his own creation.

So his design process begins with the exploration of patterns under the close use of real vintage pieces. He also has his own archive of vintage books that he uses to formulate his ideas. These include, for example, very old Tailor & Cutter pattern manuals from the late 19th century and old European books and magazines from the 40s and 50s.

You must have held a Cohérence coat in your own hands to understand and feel this wonderful work in all its facets!

Wardrobe of Legends?

Besides his search for inspiration, the detail-loving Japanese invests a lot of time in the development of own fabrics.

Again, as with his designs, he pursues the motto that copying alone does not add real value. This can only happen through true innovation.

As an example, take a look at the Chevron Tweed, which Kentaro has created using 4 different types of wool that are knitted together!

Incidentally, Kentaro believes that this innovation process can only be lived out in Japan because of the very high level of technological production there.

As you take a closer look at the Cohérence coat, holding it in your hands and putting it on, you will not only marvel at the extraordinary fabrics, but will also notice some small details that are actually found only in tailoring and in the sartorial world ,

These include, among other things, the higher armholes, which are usually made smaller than most modern outerwear at all Cohérence products.

The combination of heritage, inspiration, fabric diversity and exceptional manufacturing make Cohérence something special. It is fair to say: fabrics of that legends are made of!

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