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Tuxedo "Alexis" from English Barathea wool - purely handcrafted

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Maximilian Mogg's evening collection for Michael Jondral, is marked by his signature house style. The pants are wide and high-cut; the jackets relatively long with a narrow side line paired with bulbous, wide lapels and flared, English, "roped" shoulders. The goal was to create a hyper-classic English-style evening gown without sacrificing sex appeal.

Inspired by none other than Baron Alexis De Redé, Maximilian Mogg designed the ultimate weapon of the dress code black tie for Michael Jondral. Though the suit only comes close to figuratively attacking Alderaan - if you don't understand that metaphor, may the Force be with you - the jacket's razor-sharp silhouette will get you undivided attention. Dugdale's midweight black Barathea is adorned with English black grosgrain silk-covered wide lapels, piping and buttons. The wide and high-cut trousers give the look the necessary casual elegance that always made Mr. Baron Alexis De Redé shine so much.

Combine the tuxedo in style with a the tuxedo shirt "Art Deco", the bow tie "Single-End" and the white boutonniere "Dandys Friend" from the same collection. Perfectly complemented with moiré suspenders by Albert Thurston, black silk knee-high socks by Sozzi-Milano and "Opera Pump" evening shoes by Bowhill & Elliott.

"My children will wear it, my grandchildren will admire it!" This tongue-in-cheek statement by Maximilian Mogg is sure to come true with this tuxedo!


  • Material: 100% wool - Dugdale Barathea - 420g/m
  • Color: Black
  • Rolling 6-button
  • Shoulder cut "Roped Shoulder
  • Sleeve cut "High Cut Armhole
  • Overall length "Long Cut
  • Two piped pockets
  • Two inside pockets
  • Fully lined
  • Lining color black
  • Hand stitching on the lapel
  • English silk lapel - grosgrain silk
  • Floral loop
  • Sleeve length stitched
  • Trousers with 2 pleats "Reverse Pleat
  • Front buttoned
  • Side seam pockets
  • Pants gallon of English silk "Grosgrain Silk
  • Side waistband adjusters
  • Suspender buttons in the back with suspenders
  • 1 back pocket with flap

Directed by Maximilian Mogg - Berlin!

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